Sony SRS-NB10: the wearable speaker for smart working

Here is the Sony SRS-NB10 full-range speaker for high quality “personal” audio. With Precise Voice Pickup technology that keeps your voice clear despite possible background noises in the house, it will be the ideal companion for smart working and more.

Working from home couldn’t be easier with the new SRS-NB10, Sony’s speaker to wear directly around the neck for participate in conference calls or listen to music in comfort, even by moving from room to room.

Sony SRS-NB10: the wearable speaker for smart working

Sony SRS-NB10: unsurpassed clarity

Work environments, both at home and in the office, are often disturbed by distractions or background noise which can become a problem during virtual meetings. That’s why the new SRS-NB10 has been expressly designed to optimize remote interactions.

The speaker is equipped with a full-range speaker oriented upwards which optimizes the sound for the wearer’s ears. THE built-in passive radiators on the rear of the unit amplify the bass to ensure that the sound is well balanced. Even at low volume, the speaker reproduces each word clearly and precisely, even in the presence of other people in the same room, so you no longer have to worry about disturbing colleagues, roommates or family members.

The Sony SRS-NB10 model guarantees flawless audio during all phone calls. Regardless of the environment, the message conveyed will always be clear thanks to technology Precise Voice Pickup. I two directional (beamforming) microphones high performance, combined with advanced processing of sound signals, minimize return and echo, making you hear a crystal clear voice to all interlocutors. The management of the speaker is extremely intuitive: to deactivate the microphone, just press the MIC Mute button and the volume can be adjusted to the desired level with the practical dedicated side keys. A third button, also integrated, allows you to start or stop music playback.

To carry all day

The SRS-NB10 speaker isn’t just meant for work. There wireless structure is so comfortable and light that wraps around the neck and rests on the shoulders without being noticed, even after hours of use. From the first meeting on the agenda to the evening relaxation to the rhythm of music, you can really carry all day. And, while the flexible back headband is ideal for adjusting the fit, the open design allows you to follow calls without losing contact with the outside world.

Sony SRS-NB10: the wearable speaker for smart working

Sony SRS-NB10: power and practicality

SRS-NB10 does not fear even busy days. The battery is capable of manage business calls, music playlists, TV series and more for up to 20 hours without stopping, regardless of how many meetings the schedule calls for. And, if it’s really about to run out, 10 minutes of charging are enough to gain another hour work or reproduction. The SRS-NB10 speaker is also compatible with USB Type-C connectors.

The Multipoint connection allows you to connect two devices at the same time, for example a laptop and a smartphone. If a call comes in on your laptop while Sony SRS-NB10 is streaming music from your smartphone, you can answer it by simply pressing the play / call button on the left side of the headband. At the end of the phone call, the playlist resumes by itself, without having to restart it manually.

The degree of protection IPX4 certifies the splash resistance, you can therefore continue listening to programs and music even while taking a bath. The SRS-NB10 speaker transmits clear sounds even at low volume, so you can enjoy movies, TV series and playlists transmitted via Bluetooth from your TV, smartphone or music player without disturbing the rest of the family, neighbors or roommates.

Sony SRS-NB10: the wearable speaker for smart working

Elegant lines

The style of the Sony SRS-NB10 speakers lives up to its functionality. The simple but refined profile is complemented by a quality fabric finish on the two diffusers that makes the aesthetics even more exclusive. Two colors available: ganthracite or white stripes. The new SRS-NB10 is not only stylish but also environmentally friendly. Confirming Sony’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products and operations, the packaging contains less than 10% plastic.

Sony SRS-NB10: the wearable speaker for smart working

The Sony SRS-NB10 wearable speaker will be available starting from September 2021. For all the details we refer to the official website, that’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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