Sound in Style: Teufel MOTIV GO VOICE con Assistente Google

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The brand new MOTIV GO VOICE with Google Assistant from Teufel is coming. Great sound, beautiful to look at and attentive to voice commands

In the brand new MOTIV GO VOICE from Teufel, powerful stereo sound meets elegant design. With the built-in Google Assistant sIt will be possible to control your favorite music and smart home devices, simply with your voice. With a built-in rechargeable battery, the MOTIV GO VOICE provides hours of entertainment, even without having to be plugged in.

Details of the new Teufel MOTIV GO VOICE with Google Assistant

With Teufel’s MOTIV GO VOICE you can play and control music, podcasts and radio hands-free with the Google Assistant. In addition, with the Google Assistant you can ask for weather information, local time or your daily schedule. On command, for example, you can switch on Philips Hue lamps or set the room temperature via Nest. Anyone hearing it for the first time can’t believe that such a compact speaker can sound so powerful and space-filling. In the MOTIV GO VOICE, two robust full-range drivers are supported by two passive bass membranes. The aluminum frame ensures stability and controls vibrations. Thanks to the Dynamore technology, developed by Teufel in Berlin, the MOTIV GO VOICE allows a wide sound panorama that manages to exceed its own dimensions.

Perfect for every day

Thanks to the connection via WLAN and Bluetooth and the powerful battery lasting up to 15 hours, the MOTIV GO VOICE from Teufel is a faithful companion at home, outside on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden – at any time of the day. Volume and music playback can be controlled using the buttons on the top of the device. Furthermore, this is where the battery status and the quality of the WLAN signal are also displayed via LEDs.

Sound in Style: Teufel MOTIV GO VOICE con Assistente Google

The main features of the new Teufel MOTIV GO VOICE with Google Assistant

  • Versatile and compact Bluetooth Wi-Fi speaker with Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in for powerful sound with built-in battery
  • Powerful Stereo Panorama: due driver full-range e due membrane passive per i bassi they offer quality sound also supported by Teufel Dynamore technology
  • Built-in battery for playback times up to 15 hours
  • Simple setup via the Google Home app (iOS/Android)intelligent control panel with LED indication of Wi-Fi signal strength and battery charge level
  • Thanks to the built-in Chromecast, your mobile phone becomes a remote control. Just tap the Cast button in a compatible app and stream audio content directly to the MOTIV GO VOICE
  • Bluetooth AAC: For streaming music even without Wi-Fi from all apps in CD quality
  • With the Google Assistant, it’s easy to manage music with your voice
  • Two built-in microphones for good spatial recognition
  • Possibility of deactivating the microphones via cursor
  • Elegant aluminum frame for maximum stabilityoperation by power cord or high capacity Li-ion battery, 3.5mm input for other players

Price and availability

Il MOTIV GO VOICE is now available in Silver White and Night Black for 299.99 EUR in the Teufel webshop and in authorized Teufel sales points.

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