Soundbar Creative: a casa come allo stadio

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Discover the line of Creative Soundbars, perfect for enjoying the games from home and not to miss a single comment as if you were on the pitch, let’s discover them together in this dedicated article

Major sporting events, such as the upcoming world Cup football, always offer compelling shows and most fans watch them in their living room comfortably seated in front of their TV. But watching isn’t enough, as audio is just as important (if not more important) for a full immersive experience.

Regardless of the size or sharpness of your set, the built-in audio of televisions doesn’t do full justice to the sport events. It is in this context that the soundbaror speakers with small dimensions but with powerful and detailed audio, come in handy. Creative Technology has built a comprehensive line-up that meets various needs across a broad budget range, but with a common key goal: to bring fans closer to the action.

Soundbar Creative: a casa come allo stadio

SXFI CARRIER: the Soundbar for Cinema

Creative’s flagship model is the first soundbar THAT to the world developed in collaboration with Dolby Laboratories. With a shocking sound system of a realistic level and cutting-edge technology that makes the sound enveloping and spatial, it heralds a new dimension of the soundbar that transforms the living room into a front row seat in a full stadium for the highest level of immersion. With Super X-Fi holographic headphone sound, users can enjoy the same cinematic sound stage in headphones, perfect for late night football match marathons. At the price of 999,99 euro.

Soundbar Creative: a casa come allo stadio

Stage 360: the best quality / price ratio

Creative Stage 360 it is an entry-level priced product, but with cutting-edge technology guaranteed by Dolby Atmos sound quality capable of delivering precise positional audio and real environmental simulation, immersing the viewer as an integral part of the action on the pitch. It also has listening modes near-field e far-field so that users enjoy the immersion from both the desktop and the living room. At the price of 199,99 euro.

Soundbar Creative: a casa come allo stadio

Stage V2: soundbar suitable for all budgets

The living room soundbar plus convenient by Creative offers sound quality that defies price thanks to drivers mid-range and the deep, powerful bass of the long-throw subwoofer, so you can totally immerse yourself in the exciting games. at the price of 104,99 euro.

Stage Air V2: Create a mini stage on the go

Stage Air V2 it has the right size and shape as a soundbar to be placed under the monitor for streaming games from a desktop PC. Also, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.3 and up to 6 ore of battery life, excels as an audio enhancement when used outdoors to stream games from laptops, tablets or even cell phones. at the price of 59,99 euro.

Soundbar Creative: a casa come allo stadio

Sound Blaster Katana V2 e  Sound Blaster Katana V2X: sounbar per il gaming

Acclaimed by many as the Ultimate gaming soundbar, Sound Blaster Katana V2 is powered by award-winning technology Tri-amped Xamp to deliver rich and flawless dynamic sound.

In addition to being the perfect solution to give life to football video games, it is also a very valuable tool to make live matches in the living room even more immersive, thanks also to the elegant design and able to adapt to any environment. Katana V2X, with a small footprint, it is ideal for play areas or living rooms with limited space. Respectively a 349.99 and 309.99 euros.

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