Space Jam: New Legends arrives with the trailer

Space Jam: New Legends arrives with the trailer

Space Jam: New Legends will arrive in Italy in September 2021 and stars LeBron James in the midst of all the Looney Tunes. Let’s find out the trailer.

Space Jam: New Legends is the animated and live-action film based on Warner’s original Space Jam starring sports star Michael Jordan. Here, in this new event film, we see LeBron James, current basketball and NBA star with his Los Angels Lakers alongside the inevitable Bugs Bunny and the other Looney Toones. The director of this new chapter is Malcolm D. Lee and the filmmakers Ryan Coogler and Maverick Carter are added..

Space Jam: New Legends and LeBron James in the official trailer

From the trailer LeBron is trapped with his son Dom in a cyberspace where an evil Artificial Intelligence intends to keep them prisoner. The price for the release is to challenge his very powerful digital basketball team and in order to win, LeBron relies on Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the whole gang. A band that as we know is undisciplined and combines all the colors, but he seems to have all the will to help the basketball star and return to the real world with his son.

In the trailer, we hear the soundtrack that launched the first film, remixed and in line with our times, but clearly we can’t wait to hear it in the original film, along with the other tracks that will surely be added.

The film will be released in Italy in September 2021 and soon we will also know the exact date, as well as the release methods.

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