Spider – Man: No Way Home – new photos from the set

Zendaya portrayed in some photos Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon on the set of Spider – Man: No Way Home, the third Marvel film in the saga. Is it possible to discover any new clues about the plot?

The Covid-19 pandemic has blocked the world. Even the MCU. For this reason, in 2021, four Marvel films will land on the big screen: Black Widow, The Eternals, Shang-Who and the legend of the Ten Rings and Spider – Man: No Way Home.

Among these titles, certainly the most anticipated are the stand-alone on Black Widow and the third chapter dedicated to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. After the unforgettable (and unforgettable) Tobey Maguire and the criticized Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland has brought one of the most beloved superheroes back to the cinema, in a light-hearted and irreverent version that, most of all, comes close to his comic book alter ego.

However, the plot of the third chapter of the saga – Spider-Man: No Way Home – is still shrouded in mystery. Many theories hypothesize the possibility of seeing the Multiverse, due to the choice to introduce in the cast Alfred Molina (Doc Ock of Spider-Man 2) e Jamie Foxx (Electro, The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Power of Electro) plus Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), protagonist of a second chapter – to be released in 2022 – dedicated to the Multiverse.

Spider – Man: No Way Home - new photos from the set

This is why every little taste of the set is enthusiastically welcomed by fans. And, this time, Zendaya did it to arouse the curiosity of the spectators. The young star, in fact, shared well three shots which see protagonists Tom Holland (Peter ParkerSpider-Man) e Jacob Batalon (Ned).

The photos from the set of No Way Home

The first two photos show portraits Peter Parker and Ned at school – the Midtown School of Science & Technology -: in the first they are in the gym, while in the second they appear in casual clothes and in a very similar situation. Nothing striking and particularly unpredictable.

The third shot, on the other hand, appears decidedly more interesting, even if it cannot be considered a real spoiler: the two boys emerge from the dark, in an unspecified place and it seems that Peter Tom has been beaten, judging by the cuts that has on his face. After all, with the unmasking of Spider – Man in the final of the previous chapter, it is plausible that his life has become even more eventful.

Spider – Man: No Way Home - new photos from the set

The photos were shared by Jason Batalon on Instagram.

So we just have to wait for December – month of release of the film – to discover the origin of that photo and the truth about the Multiverse.

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