Spiral – The legacy of Saw: new trailer coming soon

Spiral - The legacy of Saw: new trailer coming soon

Waiting for the release of Spiral – The legacy of Saw, the cast of the film gives us an appointment today March 30 for a new trailer

The the saga of Saw, which began brilliantly in 2004 under the direction of James Wan, seemed to have gotten a bit lost in the way. The last chapters had not satisfied the critics and even less the public, leading to the drift of the saga that had inaugurated the torture porn in modern horror cinema.

For this reason, the wait for the new chapter it is quite spasmodic. The release of Spiral – Saw’s legacy is set in the United States for May 14, 2021, after having already been postponed for a year due to the ongoing health emergency. The premises of this new chapter bode well, starting with a great cast – above all Samuel L. Jackson e Chris Rock – and from the return to the direction of Darren Lynn Bousman (former author of Saw II, III and IV).

Today the new trailer of Spiral – The legacy of Saw

And it is right the cast of Spiral to give us an appointment for today, March 30, date on which we will be able to enjoy the new official trailer of the long-awaited ninth chapter of the saga. Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock, Marisol Nichols and Max Minghella have in fact published a curious post on Twitter which portrays them with their faces obscured by a spiral.

The film does not seem to want to retrace the same steps as the previous chapters, but to give a twist to the saga. Chris Rock has indeed stated:

I love Saw but looking at him I always thought “Wow, the humor is almost zero”. So it seemed to me that it was quite fertile ground…. In any case, I saw a preliminary assembly of the new Saw. He’s still Saw, full of blood, violent, but there’s some humor here and there. But we’re not turning it into Scary Movie, it’s still Saw!

Below is the official synopsis by Spiral – The Legacy of Saw:

A sadistic mind enacts a twisted form of justice in SPIRAL, the terrifying new chapter in the SAW saga. Working in the shadow of an esteemed police veteran (Samuel L. Jackson), cheeky detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks (Chris Rock) and his fledgling partner (Max Minghella) take on a shocking investigation of murders that remember in a disturbing way the horrible past of the city. Unknowingly trapped in a deepening mystery, Zeke finds himself at the center of the morbid killer game.

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