Splinter Cell: The new game would be open world like Halo Infinite

Among the various rumors that move the hopes of fans towards a new Splinter Cell game, an insider seems to propose that of an open world similar to the new Halo

Ubisoft seems determined to expand the worlds of its games more and more: just think of the evolution that has been undertaken in regards to Assassin’s Creed with Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla. These titles have greatly expanded maps in contrast to previous titles, and although some longtime fans did not appreciate the change, they are still games that have received an overall positive reception from the gaming community.

It seems that this type of evolution will also apply to the company’s future titles, and among them there is a long-awaited work that is gradually introducing itself into the collective mind of gamers: the new Splinter Cell. Ubisoft is intent on creating a new Splinter Cell game different from the previous ones, and in the words of Insider Tom Henderson it it will be an open-world.

The rumor about the open world in the new Splinter Cell game

Already some time ago the same Tom Henderson had stated that, according to some sources close to Ubisoft, the new Splinter Cell game would have been recently confirmed for development. The purpose of the company would be to regain the trust of fans, also following the events of discrimination and abuse that shook the French development house a few months ago, leading in addition to the abandonment of an important director behind Beyond Good and Evil 2. In a tweet a few hours ago, the insider revealed that Splinter Cell’s new title would be in the initial stages of production, and it will also be a kind of open world. It seems to have connotations that would lead it to be described as “a more stealth Assassin’s Creed”, with a structure “similar to the open world made with Halo Infinite”.

Those who have played 343 Industries’ new title will therefore understand what Tom Henderson means by this statement. Furthermore, even through the previews shown in the last few days, it is possible to observe the evolution applied in Halo Infinite compared to previous games. The levels present in the game are much more expanded, and the missions in the campaign they are not limited inside closed places, but also accessible during exploration. We will therefore see what the future holds for the well-known work generated by the world of Tom Clancy.

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