Splinter Cell: Ubisoft updates the game’s trademark

Chance to see a new Splinter Cell game grows, after Ubisoft updates title branding registration

Among the many video games made by Ubisoft, Splinter Cell is one of the most loved sagas in the community of gamers passionate about Stealth titles. The various chapters of the series, inspired by the universe of Tom Clancy’s stories, still remain some of the gods best games in its category. Despite this, the French company has not seemed too interested in reviving the saga in recent years, focusing mostly on other series that has been transforming progressively and for some time, such as Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry. However, rumors about a new Splinter Cell chapter have nonetheless surfaced over the past few months, and now the chances of seeing a new Splinter Cell game from Ubisoft very soon. they seem to grow more and more, after the company apparently gave the green light a few months ago.

What does Ubisoft have in store for the new Splinter Cell game?

Further confirmation of the intentions of the developer also dates back to an even more recent period. While the last time the Splinter Cell series received its trademark registration was in May 2017, in recent days it appears that it has been updated again, also altering the list of products for which it is designed. While tiny changes have actually been made, it’s still a sign from Ubisoft that they want to use the branding for something. Among the alterations made, the term has been removed from the description “interactive-multiplayer computer games”, thus giving way to “providing an online computer game”.

In recent weeks, other rumors regarding Splinter Cell have also been provided. Insider and leaker Tom Henderson had reported on Twitter how the new Splinter Cell game would assumed open world connotations very similar to those featured in the recent Halo Infinite. He also added that the production of the title was still at a starting point, and therefore it will probably be a matter of years before we can actually see anything from the development team. In any case, the growing leaks that are spread may suggest a possible announcement of the title in the months to come; However, we just have to wait for further news, hoping that the creation of the game will take place in the most peaceful way possible.

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