Splitgate: will a battle royale mode arrive?

Will a battle royale mode arrive in Splitgate? The answer comes directly from Twitter. Let’s find out all the details of the case together in this news

The free to play market and, in particular, free to play FPS, has often found itself at the limit of saturation. In recent weeks, however, a new publication has brought a real one breath of fresh air within the whole sector and the aforementioned category. We refer to Splitgate, title developed and published by 1047 Games, which seeks to combine classic first person shooter mechanics with a videogame classic like Portal. In the last few hours there has been discussion of the possibility of having a battle royale mode in Splitgate and 1047 Games took care of putting an end to these speculations.

1047 Games confirms: no battle royale in Splitgate… for the moment!

As mentioned previously, the same members of the 1047 Games team thought about it put an end to items relating to the possibility of having one battle royale mode in Splitgate. The title aims to re-propose a classic gameplay but, at the same time, capable of rejuvenating itself through the interesting portal mechanics which winks a lot at Portal. Through Twitter, the same 1047 Games, has confirmed that at the moment there is no battle royale mode. “Never say never” quotes the same tweet, so for fans of this game mode hope will be the last to die but everything suggests that the idea is to aim for another type of game structure.

Splitgate is a title that has had, and is having, an interesting impact within the gaming market. All this, probably, thanks also to this slightly vintage flavor that it offers. A flavor that we also found in our test carried out on Back 4 Blood, title released on 12 October 2021. Let us know what you think of Splitgate. Do you prefer that a battle royale mode is inserted or do you think it is right to think about a different gameplay? Anything you can let us know via a comment.

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