Spotify says goodbye to the heart button: here comes a new way to save songs and playlists

Spotify says goodbye to the heart button: here comes a new way to save songs and playlists

Spotify today announced a small change to the platform: no more key with heart icon to save songs and playlists. In its place will be a new button (“+”) which will have one double function: in addition to saving songs, it will allow you to add songs to personal playlists.


Previously, in fact, to save a song in a personal playlist it was necessary to touch on the three dots of the options and select Add to a playlist. Today however everything becomes more immediate. With just one button you can choose between two different options. The Swedish music streaming giant himself explains it to us, with a post on his blog. this reads

“Starting today, we’re bringing the heart icon and the “Add to Playlist” icon into one symbol: the plus (+) button. When you press Plus (+), you’ll be able to save and choose the destination for any song, playlist or podcast with just a tap. This update is the latest step in our ongoing work to create a more intuitive experience, leading you to an easier way to interact with the music and podcasts you love.”

Spotify: Here’s how to save songs with the + icon

The new key will be implemented starting today, but it may take a few weeks for this to arrive for all users. This means that, even if for a short time, we will still be able to have the classic heart button to save the songs we love. Here’s how the new button will work:

By clicking on + the song (or the selected content in general) will automatically be added to your favourites. At that point the + will turn into a green tick. By clicking on the check again it will be possible to add that specific content to a specific playlist.

Make sure you have Spotify updated to the latest version to take advantage of this new small but still interesting change to the app.

Meanwhile Spotify announced, just last week, the imminent arrival of a DJ AI that will personalize users’ listening even more.

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