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Valentine’s Day: Braun celebrates love with its best articles

Braun celebrates love in a thousand different styles with its devices for the most romantic night of the year. Discover the Braun devices for the care of the look for Valentine’s Day

With the arrival of February, lovers from all over the world get ready to celebrate love: Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and Braun has compiled a selection of the best articles dedicated to self-care and for creating the perfect look. For a special and intimate evening, a candlelit dinner or home delivery, Braun devices come to the rescue to better prepare for your appointment with love. With a cuddle for yourself and a surprise for your partner: let’s discover them together!

Braun SILK-EXPERT PRO 5, the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

Give (or treat yourself!) the Silk-expert Pro 5, the pulsed light from Braun for the permanent removal of visible hair, fast, efficient and gentle on the skin. The Skin Pro 2.0 sensor continuously detects skin tone to adapt the light intensity to the complexion for maximum safety. While the short intervals between the light pulses allow the lower part of both legs to be treated in just 5 minutes. Two different modes of use, fast gliding and precision Gliding, adapt the treatment to use in different areas of the body and face. The use of Braun pulsed light allows the reduction of visible hair in just 4 weeks. Furthermore, thanks to the heads of different sizes, Braun Silk-expert Pro 5 is designed to be able to treat all areas with precision. Even those that are small or hard to reach like the upper lip, underarms or bikini line.

SILK-ÉPIL 9 FLEX: a performing and design gift to amaze your loved one on Valentine’s Day

The Silk-épil 9 Flex is the first epilator in the world with a fully flexible head that adapts perfectly to the curves of the body and thus reaches even the most difficult points in the best possible way. Another important revolution by Braun, which has always been synonymous with technology, innovation and design. The device also it features MicroGrip technology that allows for a greater level of precision. Capturing hair 3x shorter than wax, down to 0.5mm, and leaving skin smooth for weeks. Treat yourself to silky smooth skin with the Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex!

Valentine's Day: Braun celebrates love with its best articles

FACE SPA PRO, for skin to be kissed

Braun Face Spa Pro is the first 3-in-1 device for epilation, cleansing and skin toning. The product offers a new ergonomic design, equipped with an epilation head, a facial cleansing brush and a micro-vibrating head. Inspired by Japanese skin care treatments, the toning micro-vibrating non-absorbent metal head releases delicate micro-pressures that allow for better application of creams and serums and give a pleasant sensation of freshness. The gift that meets everyone’s needs, to bring the beauty salon directly home!

I Device for shaving, adjusting and finishing SERIES 9 PRO, to give him a kiss-proof shave

The Series 9 Pro represents the most efficient shaver in the Braun product line. With a combination of synchronized blades, Sonic Technology and perfect adaptation to the contours of the face, the Series 9 Pro is designed to close shave 1, 3 or even 7 day stubble, ensuring an effective and gentle shave with every stroke. In fact, the innovative ProHead head with the ProLift trimmer allows you to lift and cut even 7-day long hairswhile remaining gentle on the skin. Select Braun Series 9 Pro models come with the world’s first shaver charging PowerCase, which maintains shaver power and performance when you’re on the go. Not only, some models also come with the 5-in-1 SmartCare Station, which, at the touch of a button, independently selects the necessary cleaning program. Elegant, with an attractive design and an incredible performance, the Braun Series 9 Pro is the perfect gift for anyone who wants a close shave.

SERIES X, the perfect gift for those who love to change their style

Braun Series X is Braun’s hybrid device for trimming, trimming and shaving. Its peculiarity is its single blade with 4D technology, which has two central cutting zones and two lateral finishing zones to trim, trim and shave the beard quickly and effortlessly. Designed for extra precision and control with a two-way comb, the Series X cuts both up and down, allowing users to finish the look quickly and effectively. In addition, the caged blade design protects the skin from the blade, while the convex shape is specially designed to evenly redistribute pressure on the skin. Very easy to use, with the non-slip rubberized handle and the ergonomic grip, the Braun device guarantees optimal and precise results, even for the most inexperienced.

Valentine's Day: Braun celebrates love with its best articles

Braun SERIES 7: on Valentine’s Day give your loved one the perfect ally for a flawless beard

The revolutionary 360° head of the Braun Series 7 is fully flexible and ensures constant contact with the skin, adapting to the contours of the face and neck and reaching even the most difficult areas for a close shave. The Series 7 is equipped with the special AutoSense technology, which detects the density of the beard by adapting the motor power. Furthermore, it is also equipped with EasyClick technology, which allows, with a simple click, to transform the razor into a multipurpose device. By adding accessories such as stubble trimmer, detail trimmer or body trimmer. The right gift for all those who make their style a business card, to always be impeccable!

ALL-IN-ONE trimmer, many looks in one device

The Braun MGK 7 is Braun’s all-in-one shaving kit, even sharper, faster and more efficient. Featuring a larger cutting area and improved blade tip geometry. The all-in-one trimmer captures more hair with each stroke and reduces the risk of pulling the skin on the face or body for even more precise styling. The device offers the best of multifunctionality and versatility to recreate any style, from trimming stubble to the most sensitive areas of the body. On Valentine’s Day, give style!

Valentine's Day: Braun celebrates love with its best articles

BT 7, the gift for the most precise

Shaving requires a lot of precision and the right device can make the difference: the new Braun BT 7 is Braun’s beard trimmer with 39 length settings to fine-tune your style to the millimeter. Also perfect for the most precise boyfriends and lovers of tidy style, thanks to improved technology and an even larger cutting area than the brand’s previous trimmers. The AutoSense technology integrated into the device adapts each trim to the type of beard and hair length. Excellent for creating any style and for defining beards, mustaches and goatee with extreme precision.

And you?What do you think of these Braun products to give on Valentine’s Day? ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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