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Valentine’s Day with Einova: wireless charging for a timeless gift

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Einova has selected products from its catalog that could delight a special person, a friend or, why not, your own, let’s find out everything in this dedicated article

True love is technological, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you still haven’t decided what to give to your * partner, friend * or, why not, yourself *? Whether you are single or in a couple it doesn’t matter. Einova has decided to give a little boost to the day dedicated to love!

Since its foundation in 2012the innovative team brand modenese of consumer electronics has designed and patented innovative products, with a sophisticated design and with technologies that aim at high energy efficiency. Don’t miss the opportunity to give a designer wireless charger as a gift Einova. Until the February 14th the offer is active 30% on the company’s most iconic product: the Charging Stone, a convenient and intuitive charging base.

Each Stone is made with meticulous attention to detail, starting from the excellence of the raw material used: marble or stonedepending on the model. With his 10W of power and its certified wireless technology Qi extremely fast and performing, it gives a touch of elegance to your daily recharge, adapting to any style.

Valentine's Day with Einova: wireless charging for a timeless gift

Valentine’s Day with Einova: here is the Dual Charging Stones device

For who wants share own charge with partners or friendsInstead, Einova suggests the Dual Charging Stones one double wireless charging base in authentic natural colored marble White or black which allows you to charge two Qi compatible smartphones or devices at the same time. From Italian design and precious and natural materials, this charging base offers a recharge extremely fast and totally safe for the battery of your phone thanks to the safe, eco-friendly and patented base technology.

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