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Squid Game and other TV series to learn languages ​​according to italki

On the effect of the success of Squid Game, the now hugely popular Netflix TV series, italki, online platform for language learning, he drafted a ranking of the best TV series to follow to learn a foreign language. The list includes some very successful series and others less known but ideal for learning the secrets of a foreign language.

The best TV series for learning a foreign language: Squid Game and 7 more

Squid Game is clearly the right series, according to italki, to improve understanding of Korean. Thanks to the success of the series, the popularity of the Korean language on italki has increased by 30% compared to the 2020 figures. Bordertown, ideal for learning Finnish. The series follows the adventures of Inspector Sorjonen.

As for German there is Dark, a hugely popular series set in contemporary Germany. For the Spanish, on the other hand, italki proposes another big piece of Netflix besides Squid Game. This is de The Paper House, now in its fifth and final season after a multi-year success. For the French, however, the advice is to follow Emily in Paris.

The other series

For English, however, the options are certainly not lacking but for a Britishi atmosphere it is recommended The Crown. As for the Russian, however, italki’s advice is represented by the series Better than us. By following these series in the original language it is possible to train the knowledge of one’s own language and, episode after episode, improve.

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