Squid Game: David Fincher will work on the remake

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Squid Game will have a remake in the United States the director will be David Fincher: let’s find out all the details of this news

Squid Game, the South Korean TV series, has become a real case for the enormous success it has had in a short time and this could only arouse the interest of the United States from which most of the successful serial products come. Precisely for this reason, the news that the series will have an American remake had been circulating for days and the confirmation has finally arrived.

Squid Game: David Fincher will work on the remake

Squid Game will then have its remake in the United States and the director who will take care of it will be David Fincher, who has already collaborated in the past with Netflix in the Mindhunter series which was however canceled and for the film Mank. The Killer will also be released in November on Netflix and will star Michael Fassbender.

A collaboration therefore that will be very interesting, given the director’s experience and a TV series that already has a good audience and success base, which could also be the difficulty of this remake. As good as the United States is at creating successful TV series, there are some series that are right and working for how they were conceived at the beginningso this will definitely be a challenge that we look forward to seeing.

One thing is certain, in this way, the viral power of the TV series will only continue and spread as it has already done in most countries of the world, also at a socio-cultural level and not only from a television point of view.

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