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The Mystery of the Templars – The series: cancelled!

After only one first season, The Mystery of the Templars – The series was also canceled. Let’s find out all the details about it together

Here We Go Again, another series has been officially canceled after just one season, from 10 episodes. It is about The Mystery of the Templars – The seriesreleased in 2022 on Disney Plus and designed by Cormac e Marianne Wibberley. The show was born from the idea of ​​creating a spin-off of the de films The Mystery of the Templars starring Nicolas Cage.

The Mystery of the Templars - The series: cancelled!

The synopsis and the cast | The Mystery of the Templars – The series: cancelled!

Behind the creation of this new series was the idea of create a new protagonist, Jess. The girl’s life is turned upside down when a stranger shows her directions to reach a age-old treasure, mysteriously connected to his father, long dead. Jess has an extraordinary talent for solving puzzles and brain teasers and now she has the chance to really show her worth. She then decides to follow her hidden clues, in the company of her friends, which will lead her to investigate American artifacts and monuments. The adventure will lead the group to face a trafficker of antiques, to find out what lies behind the past of Jess and her family.

The series stars Lisette Oliveraas Jess Valenzuela; by his side Zuri Reedas friend Tasha e Antony Cyprian, in those of Oren, a boy with incredible knowledge about conspiracy theories. Also in the cast Jordan RodriguesJesse’s childhood friend and Jake Austin Walker, a musician who comes from a treasure hunting family. We can’t forget then Catherine Zeta-Jones as billionaire Billie, Justin Bartha, Lyndon Smith, Jacob Vargas, Armando Riesco e Friday Wool. The Mystery of the Templars – The series was produced by Disney Branded Television e ABC Signature.

Failure to renew

The actor Jacob Vargas, interpreter of Rafael in the series, had said he was hopeful about the realization of a second season. “There is so much to explore” he had commented to the microphones of ComicBook. Unfortunately, however, his enthusiasm was spent, given that Disney has decided to take a step back. To date, the reason for the cancellation has not been received. The most plausible hypothesis is the usual one that hovers around all the productions that are truncated: i low ratings. Unfortunately this phenomenon is increasingly frequent in streaming; new products are released every month but are often not renewed, leaving the viewer with a bad taste in the mouth, as well as an unfinished story.

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