Star Wars Day: the best gift ideas for fans of the saga!

From the most famous sword ever to the little Baby Yodas to collect, without forgetting the costumes inspired by the event series: all the ideas for a truly unforgettable Star Wars Day!

That time of the year that all fans of the saga are looking forward to is coming, a real holiday for those who love the universe created by George Lucas: it Star Wars Day! So let the preparations begin: from iconic pieces ai costumes of the protagonists of the latest event series The Mandalorian, all the details are essential to make this day unique and unforgettable.

Star Wars Day: the best gift ideas for fans of the saga!

The Child (Yellow) collectibles by Hasbro

Directly from the saga of The Mandalorian here is the most loved character: obviously it is The Child renamed from the web “Baby Yoda”. Protagonist of many memes that have made him popular and viral among fans of the saga and beyond, Yellow is now available in a mini collection of six characters to collect. The small and very tender figures represent the character in different poses, ideal to be included in your private collection dedicated to the phenomenon The Mandalorian.

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Casco di The Mandalorian by Hasbro

How does it feel to be the most famous bounty hunter in the Galaxy? Thanks to helmet with an original design inspired by the universe created by George Lucas, all fans of the series can be full-fledged Mandalorians. Realistic details, internal lights and a removable external one, just in case. All that remains is to prepare to leave for a thousand fantastic adventures!

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Spada Laser Force FX Elite by Hasbro

One of the most iconic pieces of the Star Wars world, which cannot be missing in the collection of true fans of the saga. The elegant weapon of the Jedi Knights (or of the evil Sith) who, only in the hands of those who know how to use force, becomes an unparalleled resource. Thanks to the three different colors of the light beam and the rigid support for convenient storage, the Lightsaber is definitely a piece not to be missed!

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Costumes from The Mandalorian by Rubie’s

Here are the costumes inspired by the protagonists of The Mandalorian event series with which all fans can play the role of their favorites. From little Grogu to the Mandalorian warrior, young and old alike can have fun impersonating their favorite characters and create fantastic galactic adventures!

These were just a few gift ideas ahead of Star Wars Day, to be held on May 4th. And do you look forward to this event?

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