Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Coming in Spring 2023?

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Anyone who has played Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has always wanted a sequel, well, it seems that Survivor is coming in 2023 according to a recent rumor.

Il spiritual sequel to Fallen Order, apparently will be baptized Star Wars Jedi: Survivorseems to become a certainty with each passing day according to what is reported by Jeff Grubb di VentureBeat. Could it therefore come out in 2023? Let’s go and understand the situation a little better together!

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: the gaming Galaxy expands

We still have a couple of weeks to go Star Wars Celebration, dal 26 al 29 maggio, but the news and rumors regarding Jed Survivor do not seem to subside. Indeed, this “showcase” would be the ideal springboard for this title.

In a recent exchange of tweets, which we report below, Jeff Grubb has indeed stated that the title could be released in February or March 2023. This sequel will also be available on both PC than on console last generation.

Both the Electronic Arts that Lucasfilm Games (already seen at work on some of the greatest graphic adventures) have in fact declared that the sequel will see the participation of Stig Asmussen as game director, the same person behind God of War so to speak, but the title and many other details still remain a mystery that we hope will be revealed soon. Also it looks like in the near future there could be a first person shooter and even a strategic one always linked to the cinematic universe of Star Wars!

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