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Car and motorcycle bonus, it starts on Monday 16 May

The green light for the car and motorcycle bonus falls at a particular time for the market.

In fact, the shortage of raw materials caused the sector’s sales to collapse in April: -33% compared to the same month in 2021 and even -44% compared to 2020.

Ma Monday 16 May the ad hoc decree for car and motorcycle bonuses will be published in the Official Gazette and will be immediately operational.

As we explained in a previous article, on Wednesday 6 April the Government signed a decree that unlocked the car and motorcycle incentives. Which will be spread over three years, from 2022 to 2024, and will also cover car sharing and commercial vehicles.

The allocation of 650 million for each of the three years is part of the allocation plan for the Automotive Fund, for which a total commitment of 8.7 billion euros is envisaged between now and 2030. The car and motorcycle bonuses will be available with or without scrapping your vehicle. Let’s see better what it is.

A double start

Meanwhile, let’s say that the platform through which it will be possible to make car reservations will be active starting from Wednesday 25 May, but the sales contracts will be stipulated as early as Monday 16 May. Day from which you can go to the dealerships and enjoy the bonus.

Car and motorcycle bonus: who owns it

The incentives are only in favor of individuals, but not of the holders of a VAT number. A small percentage of the incentives is intended for car sharing companies for the purchase of electric, hybrid and plug-in vehicles.


The car and motorcycle bonus can count on one endowment of 650 million euros for each year from 2022 to 2024, for a total of 1950 million euros.

The allocations fall within the automotive fund – contained in turn in the bill decree – which provides for an economic commitment of 8.7 billion until 2030.

The car bonus: the three categories

The concessions in favor of cars are intended for three categories of vehicles, according to their emissions. Let’s see them in detail.

Emission range 0-20 g / km

For electric cars with a price of less than € 35,000 + VAT, a contribution of 3,000 euros, to which another 2,000 euros must be added with the scrapping of an approved car in a class lower than 5 euros. Funding for these cars is 220 million in 2022, 230 million in 2023 and 245 million in 2024.

Emissions range 21-60 g / km

To purchase plug-in hybrid vehicles with a price of up to 45,000 euros + VAT, the contribution is 2,000 euros, plus a further 2,000 euros for the scrapping of a car of a class lower than 5 euros. Here the funding will be 225 million in 2022, 235 million in 2023 and 245 million in 2024.

Emissions range 61-135 g / km

For low-emission cars with a price of up to 35,000 euros + VAT, you can ask for a contribution of 2,000 euros only if a car of less than 5 euros is scrapped at the same time. Loans of 170 million in 2022, 150 million in 2023 and 120 million in 2024.

Bonus moto

Additional concessions provided for electric and hybrid mopeds and motorcycles.

The contribution is 30% of the purchase price (for a maximum of 3,000 euros) and 40% (up to 4,000 euros) if you scrape a class motorbike from 0 to 3 euros.. The funding is € 15 million per year from 2022 to 2024.

For mopeds and thermal motorcycles, brand new, a contribution of 40% of the purchase price and up to 2,500 euros with scrapping is foreseen against a 5% discount from the seller.

This category is funded with 10 million euros in 2022, 5 in 2023 and another 5 in 2024.

Electric commercial vehicles

A portion of the funds is intended for car sharing companies for the purchase of electric, hybrid and plug-in vehicles.

In favor of small and medium-sized enterprises, grants for the purchase of commercial vehicles, brand new, exclusively powered by electricity. With the obligation of scrapping a vehicle below Euro 4.

The contribution is 4,000 euros for N1 vehicles up to 1.5 tons, 6,000 euros for N1 vehicles over 1.5 tons and up to 3.49 tons, 12,000 euros for 3.5-ton N2 vehicles up to 7 tons. A contribution of 14,000 euros is recognized for N2 vehicles over 7 tons and up to 12 tons.

Funding amounts to € 10 million in 2022, € 15 million in 2023 and € 20 million in 2024.


Gilberto Pichetto, Deputy Minister for Economic Development, spoke about the car and motorcycle bonus. Who said: “The times were longer than expected, but we got there. We hope that the auto incentives will help restart the troubled market “.

Gian Primo Quagliano, president of the Promotor Study Center, agrees with him. “This is good news that comes with considerable delay, but which will still make a significant contribution to the auto market”.

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