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Steam breaks the record for connected users again

Steam managed to set a new record for users connected at the same time, surpassing the one recently set in January

Steam has always been the platform most loved by people PC gamers and every day millions of people use it to play their favorite games. The Valve store had inaugurated 2024 with a new one peak of active players, but apparently he has already surpassed himself. In fact, a new system has recently been established new record of users connected simultaneously on Steam.

Steam breaks the record for connected users again

A new record for Steam

In January of this year Steam had reached the record of over 33 million users connected simultaneously, but on March 2nd, incredibly, he already managed to surpass himself. In fact, on Saturday around 3:00 pm (Italian time) a peak was reached 34,298,950 players connected at the same time. This new record matters an increase of approximately 600,000 players compared to the previous one and highlights how the platform is continuing to grow even in this period.

However, remember that this number includes all the players connected to the platform and not just the active ones. In fact, the count also includes those people who perhaps have set Steam to start when the PC is turned on, keeping it in the background while they carry out other operations. At the time of this new record of connections a peak of was reached 11,139,189 users playing at the same time. This value is certainly very high, but it is however lower than the figures reached in January 2024. In fact, in that period the record of ben was established 11,582,167 concurrently active users on Steammarking the maximum peak of the platform.

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