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The Queen of Chess: where to see the Golden Globe series

The television miniseries starring Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the most loved in recent years, so much so that it has won various awards which have shown that the series has impressed critics and the public. Let’s find out together where to see The Chess Queen

The Queen of Chess is one of the most loved and watched series of recent years, which was able to keep anyone who decided to watch it glued to the screen. The TV series got it many awards, especially for the masterful interpretation of the talented Anya Taylor-Joy. We particularly appreciated this series, we talked about it in depth in the review of The Queen of Chess, praising the interpretation of the protagonist actress and the writing of the screenplay. Let’s see together where to see the winning television miniseries Golden Globes.

Netflix | Where to see The Chess Queen

This series is based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Walter You. The series tells of a little girl named Elizabeth “Beth” Armonwho at the age of 8 began taking part in lessons in the orphanage where he learned the rules of the chess. In this orphanage, however, children are served by gods calming drugs, of the drugs on which little Elizabeth also begins to be progressively dependent. One day the little girl is adopted by Alma Wheatley and by her husband and moves into Kentucky. In the new house the little girl begins to participate in chess tournaments, thanks to which the little girl becomes more and more famous. This fame then led her to become increasingly rich and successful, but at the same time also more dependent on medications and drugs. This will cause quite a few problems for the girl, but this will not stop her from becoming the greatest chess player in the world. This series is aesclusiva Netflix and has been available since 2020, the year in which the series broke through.

How to watch The Chess Queen on Netflix

Like any streaming platform, a subscription is required. To choose your Netflix subscription you can go to the official website. There are three subscription plans. The first is that standard with advertisinga subscription for the price of 5,49 euro per month with ad breaks and low resolution. Then there’s that standardthis time without advertising, with HD resolution and you can watch films and TV series on two devices simultaneouslythis at the price of 12,99 euro per month. Finally there is the premiumat the price of 17,99 euro per month, with Full HD 4K resolution and you can watch programs on four devices simultaneously.

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