Starfield: Bethesda announces news for summer 2022

Bethesda announces news on Starfield, their sci-fi RPG set in the future, for summer 2022

After the first look gamers got at E3 this year, Bethesda has announced major Announcements on Starfield coming in 2022. Their new RPG in the yard is set in 2330 in an area of ​​our solar system called Settled Systems, and has been defined by the manufacturer as “the Skyrim of space“. The game world has already been presented three cities, called New Atlantis, Neon and Akila.

Starfield: what’s new and what we already know

The news in Starfield may not actually be such, given the already evident similarity with the other Bethesda titles. Indeed, from what has already leaked from the first trailer, both the breakdown into factions (the United Colonies versus the Freestyle Collective) that as far as it is concerned skill system than for trivial elements such as the I will predate the enemies are elements very, very similar to those of Skyrim, but with a much more hardcore RPG dynamic. “It’s in Bethesda’s DNA,” he said Todd Howard, game director of the US company. Howard also said that in Starfield we will find elements of Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

Starfield: Bethesda announces news for summer 2022

the Announcements anticipated by Bethesda will be shown on gameplay, instead of with a trailer: the company has in fact explained that in this way the player would have better understood the new game dynamics: this gameplay will be shown in theestate 2022, most likely during theE3 next year. It is possible that Starfield will be presented on the Xbox stage; meanwhile, the release date is already practically certain, which has been announced for theNovember 11, 2022. We’ll see if the manufacturer respects this commitment, or, like many other games before this one, will suffer a delay for “further improvements”.

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