Twitter crea una divisione dedicata al mondo delle criptovalute thumbnail

Twitter creates a division dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies

Twitter creates a division dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies thumbnail

Twitter confirms its interest in the world of cryptocurrencies. In these hours, in fact, the official confirmation has arrived regarding the creation of a dedicated team by the company that manages the social network. The new Twitter team will explore the potential of the crypto sector, blockchain and other decentralized technologies in order to evaluate possible future applications or possibly integrations with the activities already underway on the social network.

Twitter confirms that it is interested in cryptocurrencies

The new cryptocurrency team within Twitter will be led by Tess Rinearson who confirmed his new role in these hours. The announcement officially, of course, came with a tweet from Rinearson herself:

The objectives of the project

Twitter’s new division, Rinearson revealed, will work closely with Bluesky. Recall that Bluesky is a division of the social network that has been working for some time on the development of a protocol to create a decentralized social network. Rinearson confirmed that the goal is to understand “what cryptocurrencies can do for Twitter” and at the same time evaluate “what Twitter can do for cryptocurrencies”. The new Twitter team is currently in development and will be enriched with new figures who will drive growth in the coming weeks. More details on the objectives of the new division will certainly arrive over the next few months.

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