Starfield confirmed Xbox and PC exclusive?

Well-known journalist Jeff Grubb is confident that Starfield, the announced RPG in development at Bethesda, will be distributed exclusively on Xbox and PC consoles.

During the last few weeks the rumors around Starfield have become very hot, but there is a question that has been held for a very long time, namely the one relating to the destination platforms of the next RPG signed by Bethesda. Now that the company has been bought by Microsoft, what are the chances that the title will see the light on machines too PlayStation? According to the popular reporter Jeff Grubb, Sony users are really unlikely to get their hands on production.

Starfield solo su Xbox e PC?

In this regard, the statements of Jeff Grubb, which the reporter shared via the your Twitter account, are somewhat peremptory, and leave no room for any misunderstandings. Grubb, in fact, argues that Starfield will be a direct exclusive to PC and Xbox, although it remains to be clarified whether it will be a cross-gen production or not, even if the probabilities of this occurrence are very high. The reporter, however, is sure that the game will not be distributed in PlayStation.

The situation, in all honesty, shouldn’t surprise the videogame audience anyway, given that Microsoft he spent well $ 7.5 billion for the acquisition of Bethesda and all the companies related to it, therefore it is logical that large productions can be made exclusively. The confirmation also comes from the previous words of the same Phil Spencer, who, regarding the company’s future games, had stated that they would be made available for platforms that span Xbox Game Pass.

At the moment Starfield does not yet have a launch date, but some recent reports have foreseen a reveal on the occasion of next E3, with Microsoft which would point to a release for the next winter holidays. Obviously we at will not fail to keep you updated on developments. In the meantime, if you are looking for games at a discounted price, we invite you to visit the Instant Gaming pages.