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Starfield: new video talks about the open world, exploration and RPG mechanics

In these hours Bethesda has released a new video diary on Starfield, introducing the news regarding the open world, the exploration and the RPG mechanics of this unreleased title

A few months ago Bethesda kicked off her playlist named after “In the Star Field”, or a series of video diaries conducted by some of the main developers of Starfield, accompanied by the inevitable boss of the company Todd Howard. In December we saw an initial presentation related to the game world, illustrating how it was designed and built. Reference has been made several times to a purely realistic twist of the setting, and the developers were keen to reiterate how the various aspects of Starfield differ profoundly from those most appreciated in a title like TES: V Skyrim. Also in the first video diary, Howard hinted at the feeling of “entering the world” of Starfield, and how this feature is what makes Bethesda’s titles special. Now, in the second video of Starfield the game world is further deepened, including its exploration methods and the type of RPG mechanics it will have.

The exploration of the open world of Starfield and its RPG mechanics at the center of the new video

The new video of the “Nel Cielo Stellare” series is titled “Made For Wanderers”, which can be translated into “Created for I Girovaghi”: from these words we can learn once again how Starfield is based above all on the exploration of an immense open world, before on RPG mechanics. In fact, the director Emil Pagliarulo explains how the studio does not only create simple role-playing games, but simulations: with the approach reserved to Starfield it will be allowed an even greater freedom for players, enabling them to experience the game in the way they prefer, avoiding having to follow set tracks. In their eyes, therefore, a dynamic universe will appear, profoundly shaped by different forces and factions at odds with each other and in which it will be possible to take part personally.

The most advanced technological resources employed in Starfiled will give players the ability to create their space travel, allowing at the same time to increase their knowledge of the background of the cosmos, to define the character and make many other choices and variations to their play experience, even interacting with non-player characters. Realism, for Todd Howard, will be what will make these meetings impactful, and it will become the key to the whole game. In short, from the words of Bethesda it seems that the company has set its sights a decidedly ambitious goal for this new project, and despite the title having slipped on November 11th, users show enough positivity in the results that can be seen.

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