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State of Play: Square Enix presenta The DioField Chronicle in un primo trailer

The first trailer of The DioField Chronicle, a brand new tactical RPG game from Square Enix, was shown at the State of Play in the late evening of March 9

The rumors about a possible State of Play in the spring were starting to be made more and more pressing, and in the end it seems that they have revealed themselves truthfully: Sony has in fact announced the new event only two days before the official date, thus leaving very little time to speculate on possible revelations during the live broadcast. In any case, some small details had been given about the genre of titles present: the State of Play would have concentrated on Japanese stocks, And considering how now two of the platform’s most important exclusives – Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West – have been released, no doubt tonight it would be the turn to see further the eagerly awaited Ghostwire Tokyo, out for the end of March. Along with it, in these 20 minutes of announcements, space has also been left for new video games: Square Enix has in fact presented not only a trailer for Valkyrie Elysium, but also for a brand new title named after The DioField Chronicle.

Square Enix unveils the trailer for The DioField Chronicle

Square Enix has brought several innovations during this last State of Play: despite the lack of real news on the state of Final Fantasy XVI, it was possible to witness new announcements from the videogame company, which wanted to unveil the arrival not only of a new chapter of Valkyrie Profile, but also an unprecedented tactical role-playing game, with illustrations that recall a lot to other works previously seen by the studio, such as Octopath Traveler. The DioField Chronicle, presented by Square Enix with a first trailer, stands out particularly from other games in the category to which it belongs: the combat system puts the fights in one real-time tactical battle scenario, accompanied by a deep and intriguing story.

The plot of The DioField Chronicle, set within a world that mixes medieval and modern aspects, with palaces with rather current structures, it will focus on themes of honor and war. The tactical battle system lays its foundation on the state of the battlefield, and the players will be the ones who set out to give orders to their troops, taking into account the most crucial aspects concerning the soldiers available and the weak points presented by the enemies. Four protagonists have been introduced, Fredret, Iscarion, Waktaquin e Andrias, and the game world looks like the continent of Rowetale, where various powerful factions will find themselves at fight for the jade, precious resource that feeds magic and technology. The game almost seems to be some kind of “alternative view” of Valkyria Chronicles, this time without presenting armored or militarily advanced weapons. The DioField Chronicle has an expected release for the spring of 2022on PS5 and PS4.

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