Stellar Blade: the game reaches the coveted gold phase

Another Olympic gold for Sony exclusives: the gold phase concludes the development of the controversial action game on PS5, the long-awaited Stellar Blade

The development team Shift Up announced that the third-person action title, Stellar Bladehas finally reached the fase gold. The studio made its announcement via a group photo posted on Twitter. “We're a little late with this post,” begins the message included with the image, before concluding with a stentorian “GOLD REACHED.” In other words, the primary work on the game has been completed and, for those who don't remember our previous articles regarding the phenomenon, the game is ready to be shipped in physical format to retailers. Any possible tweaks made to the game, therefore, will come in the form of patch del day one or pre-launch updates.

Stellar gold for Stellar Blade: what to know about the title in the gold phase

Although the primary work on Stellar Blade is now completed, the guys at Shift Up will work on the title even after the gold phase to make the necessary improvements. The director Kim Hyung-Tae has already revealed that the day one patch will come with “some updates.” Although the content of the latter is still unknown, day one patches usually tend to focus on bugs escaped quality control before the fateful and metaphorical gold. The title is coming to PS5 and will be released on April 26th. If you want a taste of what you'll see in the game before shelling out seventy rite cucuzze, there's a demo that's right for you. The adventure will keep you busy for about 25 hoursif you stick to the main story. The new game plus will arrive later.

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