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Strange Way of Life: Almodóvar’s film at the Cannes Film Festival

Strange Way of Life, the new film by director Pedro Almodóvar will premiere at the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival

A new edition of Cannes Film Festival is about to begin and the first rumors are already starting to leak, the latest concerning the director Pedro Almodovar and its brand new Strange Way of Life. The film will in fact be previewed at the event, in Official Selection. During the screening, the director will be present in the room and will be accompanied by the two leading actors: Ethan Hawke (Boyhood, 2024) e Peter Pascal (The Last of Us, 2023). At the end of the film, Almodóvar and the film crew will indulge in a chat to talk about the film.

Strange Way of Life: Almodóvar's film at the Cannes Film Festival

The plot | Strange Way of Life: Almodóvar’s film at the Cannes Film Festival

But what is Strange Way of Life about? It is a western shot in southern Spain, which tells of a man, called Silva, who crosses the desert on horseback to get to Bitter Creek. His purpose is to visit Sheriff Jake with whom he worked twenty-five years ago. As soon as they meet, the two celebrate their reunion, but the next morning, Jake informs Silva that the real reason they met again is certainly not to remember past times, but there is much more. Strange Way of Life is written and directed by Pedro Almodovar and produced by The desire. Beyond Ethan Hawke e Peter Pascalappear in the cast Peter Casablanc, Manu Rios, Joseph Countess, George Steane, Jason Fernandez, Ohiana Cueto, Sarah Salamo e Daniela Medina. The director explained his film thus:

The strange way of living, to which the title refers, alludes to the famous fado by Amalia Rodrigues, whose text suggests that there is no existence stranger than the one lived by turning one’s back on one’s desires.

Almodóvar’s success in Cannes

Strange Way of Life is the Spanish director’s second film in the English language. There had been before The Human Voice, with Tilda Swinton. The new film once again strengthens the bond that the director has with the Cannes Film Festival which has already crowned him winner of several awards and President of the Jury, in 2017. Among the awards obtained, we mention that of Best Director for the debut film All about my mother (1999) and Best Screenplay for Volver – come back (2006). In 2004, Pedro Almodóvar also had the honor of presenting, as the opening film of the Festival, Bad Education; it was the first time for a Spanish film.

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