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Street Fighter 6: Showcase announced in April

Capcom announced with a short video that a new Street Fighter 6 showcase will be held in April which will be presented by Lil Wayne

If you are a fan of fighting games you will surely be eager to get your hands on the new chapter of Street Fighter. Now there is not much time left for the release of the new fighting game of Capcombut apparently the company still has some information to share with players before launch. In fact, it was recently announced that A new Street Fighter 6 showcase will be held in April which will be presented by Lil Wayne.

Lots of information and some surprises in the April showcase of Street Fighter 6

The new showcase of Street Fighter 6 sIt will be broadcast on April 20 at midnight on the game’s official YouTube channel. During the presentation aspects such as the World Tour mode, the Battle Hub and the Fighting Groundbut maybe there will also be some unexpected surprises.

Apparently Capcom has in fact declared that at the end of the event there will be some big news for all fans of the game. At the moment the company has not revealed any further information about this big surprise, but obviously the players have already formulated different hypotheses. At the moment, according to some alleged leaks, it is assumed that Capcom can publish a new open beta of Street Fighter 6 right after the end of the showcase. Such an event would certainly make all the players happy, but we still want to remind you that at the moment there is nothing confirmed and consequently it is better not to have too many expectations.

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