Stranger Things 4: David Harbour in diretta Instagram

Stranger Things 4: David Harbour in diretta Instagram

Stranger Things 4 is in production and while it doesn’t have a release date on Netflix yet, it has a cast that keeps fans’ attention alive

Stranger Things has the fourth season currently in production, with all the cast and crew on set shooting the new top secret episodes, although the official release date on Netflix is ​​not yet known. Despite this secrecy and nothing yet certain about the release, the cast of the series is very skilled at keeping the attention of fans high, with clues on social networks that trigger curiosity and the desire to know more about the plot.

Stranger Things 4: David Harbor wants to spoil the series live on Instagram

In particular, David Harbor, who plays Jim Hopper made a direct on Instagram on the set where he said he wanted to spoil the plot of the fourth season and what they were shooting, even wanting to read the official script. That was until it was discontinued by actress Millie Bobby Brown that entering the dressing room forced him to close the live and go back to work.

Nothing was then said by the actor, but fans still noticed that he was wearing a work suit and his face was full of wounds and scratches. However, further proof that his character is still alive, which had already been confirmed in the teaser trailer. For all other information on the series, unfortunately we have to wait a little longer or hope for new spoilers from the cast.

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