Subscription podcasts arrive on Spotify

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They also arrive in Italy i subscription podcasts of the Spotify App. After launching in the US last April, the service is now available in 29 other countries (including ours) on iOS and Android devices. Great news for creators, who will be able to share their content on the platform with a view to monetizing. And for the users themselves, who will have the opportunity to access a quality proposal, full of extra content and free of advertising.

Spotify: App adds subscription podcast service

Spotify Open Access Platform is the new service of the music streaming platform, which will allow creators to di direct listeners to the Spotify App subscribe to third-party platforms. A double functionality for podcasters, therefore, who will be able to make themselves known without having to pay commissions to Spotify. At least until 2023, when a 5% commission will be introduced instead. For their part, in fact, the creators will have the possibility to subscribe to the service and then to decide how to behave towards the listeners.

Spotify App

From what we know, in fact, the podcast producers themselves will decide the amount to be charged to users to subscribe. And this clearly translates into a huge one source of monetization. But also of visibility, if we consider that creators will have the possibility to access very precise data on their audience of listeners, which will allow them to offer more targeted content. In short, a great opportunity. For the moment, Il Sole 24 Ore is testing this new option with the podcast “Start – The news of the Sole 24 ore”. Every Monday, subscribers will be able to access exclusive content. An opportunity not to be missed, if you really want to know.