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Suicide Squad: no Ayer Cut for the film

Despite the success of the Snyder Cut, Warner Bros said no to the possibility of an Ayer Cut for Suicide Squad.

It Snyder Cut di Justice League it was an unprecedented phenomenon, a turning point in the analysis of the power of a fandom. After years of campaigning and petitioning for the release of the extended version of Justice League, fans of the DC Extended Universe film have been pleased with the release of the extended film (lasting about four hours) on the HBO Max streaming service.

WarnerMedia Studios CEO, Ann Sarnoff, spoke about the future of DC saying she was thrilled to see Batman, Superman, The Flash and the other members of the Justice League appear in different programs and in numerous forms: streaming, within video games, with spin- off television and releases on the big screen, a bit like it happens in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Suicide Squad Ayer Cut: sì o no?

The success of the campaign #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has certainly created a precedent, so much so that the first rumors and the first requests have begun to make theAyer Cut of Suicid Squad, as the director had previously confirmed that the original, uncut version of the film was far more complex than the final one, released at the Cinema.

When asked which Suicide Squad scene had been more difficult to give up during the editing phase, and his response was quite explanatory: “The first forty minutes” He said.

Following the interview, Ayer then emphasized the concept by admitting that his film was “torn to pieces”During the post production phase.

However, when Ann Sarnoff was asked to Variety if it will be possible to see Suicide Squad’s David Ayer Cut sooner or later, the answer was categorical: “An Ayer Cut is not in our plans“.

Despite the negative response from the CEO of WarnerMedia Studios, hope is the last to die, and who knows if sooner or later we will be able to see the extended version of Justice League.

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