Summer Game Fest 2022: The Callisto Protocol’s first gameplay trailer is shown

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The Callisto Protocol gameplay trailer reveals in its brutality what to expect from the strongly horror game, let’s find out together

Yesterday during the Summer Game Fest 2022 many games coming this year have been shown, including The Callisto Protocolthanks to a gameplay trailer which shows the main mechanics of the game. At first glance we cannot deny the extreme similarity with Dead Space but the game still manages to have its own identity, with new elements. The movie lasts approx two minutes and for the more sensitive be prepared that violence is not lacking.

The Callisto Protocol gameplay trailer delivers strong emotions

From the gameplay trailer of The Callisto Protocol it is noted that it is a game in third person in a science fiction universe, with a flood of claustrophobic places filled with slimy blood and terror. Starting with a segment in an infirmary, we see holograms of previous crazed patients brutally beating medical staff. Those holograms soon give way to real and terrifying monsterswhich we see picked up and slammed into walls using an anti-gravity weapon called Grip. In the second half of the video, the Grip is used to throw monsters into the fans present in the scenario to be torn apart. The trailer ends with a decidedly macabre scene to be discovered.

We remind you that The Callisto Protocol will be released on 2 December on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The Callisto Protocol was originally supposed to be set in the same universe as PUBG, but this statement has recently been disproved. TO Schofield he clearly remained very fond of Dead Space and his new game is consciously based on the ideas of science fiction-horror of that series. Have you discovered the other games shown during the Summer Game Festival?

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