Super Mario Bros .: another mind-boggling auction

Super Mario Bros. is one of those games that remain in history as evidenced by the fact that a copy was sold for an astronomical sum

One of the greatest creations of the good Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Bros. in fact, it is still making headlines after years of its entry on the world videogame market. It seems in fact that one sealed cartridge for NES of the historic title was sold at auction for a staggering sum. But let’s try to understand a little better how it went.

Super Mario Bros .: the value of collecting

Although a copy of Super Mario 64 was sold for about 1.5 million dollars a few months ago, today this record has been beaten by its primordial 8-bit version. The sealed copy for NES from Super Mario Bros. it was therefore sold for well 2 million dollars instantly ending up among the most expensive games ever.

This record was then confirmed by the same platform where the online auction took place, that is Rally, which, originally, it seems got the cartridge in question for “only” $ 140,000. From this figure up to two million, it is certainly not necessary to be a genius in mathematics to understand that it was the deal of the year!

Super Mario Bros .: another mind-boggling auction

It seems then that this cartridge was in truly exceptional conditions as well as still sealed, an element that significantly increases the collectible value, like that of the Nintendo 64 already mentioned. they may even be the best-preserved copies around.

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