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Super Mario Bros – The Movie: here's where to see the film

The time has come to find out where to see the animated film Super Mario Bros – The Movie. Here's which platforms to find it on

Among the most loved films of 2023, we certainly cannot fail to mention the one starring Super Mario. The most famous plumber in cinema and the world of video games is back in all his loveliness, with a film capable of enjoying great success with the public: Super Mario Bros – The Movie (here is our review). If you are curious to recover the film or simply want to relive this adventure, we recommend you continue reading to find out on which platforms you can find it.

Super Mario Bros - The Movie: here's where to see the filmSuper Mario Bros - The Movie: here's where to see the film

Why see Super Mario Bros – The Movie?

If you love the colorful world of Super Mario and all the characters that inhabit it, you certainly can't miss the third animated adaptation of the famous video game. Let's face it, the film can be a good moment of entertainment for the little ones, but also (and above all) a way, for the older ones, to rediscover one of the most emblematic characters of our childhood. Throwing ourselves headlong into this colorful world can in fact be an opportunity to relive, with a pinch of nostalgia, the adventures that we loved so much.

Super Mario Bros – The Movie is based on a rather simple plot. The two plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi, intent on repairing a pipe, find themselves catapulted into a new world, inhabited by curious characters. Soon, however, the two separate. Thus begins Mario's adventure, ready to do anything to find Luigi, even challenging the terrible Bowser.

Where can you watch Super Mario Bros in streaming?

We now come to the crux of the matter: where can we recover the film? You're lucky, because this film is available on several streaming platforms. Mario's adventure is indeed found on Prime Videoare Now TVare Rakuten and also up YouTube. Here are the direct links to the film, on the various platforms:

Amazon Prime and Now TV streaming channel subscriptions

The different platforms offer different subscription plans, monthly and annual, which can be conveniently consulted from the official website of each platform:

Rakuten and YouTube streaming channel subscriptions

For those who don't have these streaming channels, don't worry! The film dedicated to Super Mario is in fact also available on YouTube. The channel offers the possibility to purchase the film at the cost of € 9,99 o € 11,99 if you want HD format.

Even the channel Rakutenunlike the streaming channels mentioned above, does not require a monthly subscription, but offers the opportunity to purchase or rent the content that interests us individually.

  • Film and TV Series Rental: and 0,99 € at 4,99 €
  • Purchase of Films and TV Series: and 11,99 € at 13.99 €

Good vision!

Have you found the platform that's right for you? If yes, then run and watch Super Mario Bros – The Movie. Don't forget to come back here to let us know if you liked it! Now we say goodbye, reminding you to always stay tuned to, so as to always be updated on all the most important news on the world of cinema and TV series!

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