TOZO Tonal Fits T21 review: the best earphones at a budget price

Let's find out together, in this dedicated review, whether and how much it is worth buying the TOZO Tonal Fits T21, the earphones that seem to perfectly combine budget price and quality

TOZO is a company that knows how to create any type of earphone or headphones you are looking for, in any price range and with any feature you are interested in. From the Openbuds, to the HT2 and finally to the Golden X1, the Seattle-based company is able to satisfy any need, thanks to its vast range of products which also extends into the field of smartwatches and other accessories. We had the pleasure of trying the TOZO Tonal Fits T21, a pair of “semi-in-ear” earphones at an ultra-budget price that immediately presented themselves well thanks to their minimal yet captivating design: we'll tell you about them in this dedicated review .

Packaging and design | TOZO Tonal Fits T21 review

The TOZO Tonal Fits T21 are packaged in a simple packaging with a white external box, which obviously reflects the image of the product and which includes, in addition to the headphones, a USB-C cable for charging, the case and the user manual with attached warranty . TOZO has certainly accustomed users in the higher price ranges to more glitzy packaging, but considering everything, we definitely can't complain about it.

The earphones, available in black, have a compact design, which makes them very easy to wear, and with very responsive touch controls (both for calls and for interactions with the media), but without any type of physical button . On an aesthetic level, TOZO wanted to reflect the same idea of ​​practicality that we find in design, creating opaque headphones with the small TOZO logo placed at the bottom, almost invisible if you don't pay attention. The same practicality also constitutes the charging case, which is very small and handy and, above all, can be carried in your pocket, as well as being equipped with a small front screen which shows the charging level of both the earphones and the case itself.

The TOZO Tonal Fits T21 are completely waterproof to both water, sweat and rain and you can therefore use them in different conditions and for different types of sports.

TOZO Tonal Fits T21 review: the best earphones at a budget priceTOZO Tonal Fits T21 review: the best earphones at a budget price

Noise Cancellation and Personalization | TOZO Tonal Fits T21 review

Equipped with a 14.2 mm dynamic driver, these earphones offer an excellent surround effect and good immersion when listening to music, but have pleasantly surprised us, again considering the budget price at which the TOZO Tonal Fits T21 are sold , it is the quality of noise cancellation. We used them very often in the gym, during training, and thanks to the new technology introduced by the company, which mounted the double microphone in these earphones, background noises proved to be practically non-existent.

The only problem we encountered was the mixed quality of calls, which were sometimes much lower in volume than previous media. In fact, we saw that if we accepted a call while we were listening to music, inexplicably the caller's voice was much lower. A problem that can be solved by simply restarting the phone call, but which we cannot fail to underline in the review.

If you download the TOZO app, however, you will have a vast range of customization available both as regards the management of touch controls and any updates to the headphones' firmware, and for the sound equalization modes. The signal range is also good, also tested in the gym, and reconnection is practically immediate in the event of signal loss.

TOZO Tonal Fits T21 review: the best earphones at a budget priceTOZO Tonal Fits T21 review: the best earphones at a budget price

Autonomy and price | TOZO Tonal Fits T21 review

The TOZO Tonal Fits T21 are equipped with a 500 mAh battery which can be recharged both via the cable available in the package and with wireless chargers. According to what was declared by TOZO, the earphones should have an overall autonomy of 44 hours using the charging base, and 10 hours for each single charge of the earphones.

From our tests we have to scale back these expectations a bit, even if we were still pleasantly surprised. The individual earphones remained on, active and working for just under 9 hours, while with the charging base we managed to get by for up to 40 hours in total. Slightly lower than what the company declared, but still quite impressive, considering how fast the charging of the base and the earphones themselves is.

We've already said it countless times, but the time has finally come to tell you how much the TOZO Tonal Fits T21 cost. Available both on the official TOZO store and on Amazon (in the colors blue, black, red and green), the TOZO Tonal Fits T21 are currently listed at €36.99. Now you will understand why everything we have said so far acquires even more value.


We have therefore reached the end of this quick review of the TOZO Tonal Fits T21. This product is definitely not suitable for anyone looking for excellent quality or a medium-high range product, but it is particularly suitable for all those who want an economical solution that can be used a lot during sports training or at work. With excellent sound on calls, even if they sometimes have some defaillances in the balance, and especially for multimedia files, the TOZO Tonal Fits T21 they already present themselves exactly for what the company was looking for: elegance and practicality, at a budget and very competitive price. Highly recommended!

Impeccable value for money

Points in favor

  • Practical, comfortable and easy to handle
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Good sound quality
  • Excellent value for money

Points against

  • Some problems in the balance of the audio on the call
  • Not suitable for those looking for a high-end product
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