Suunto Wing review: for athletes!

Monza-Juventus: dove vedere la partita?

The market for true-wireless earphones is now increasingly saturated, will these Suunto Wings be able to stand out for their features? Find out with us in the full review

Welcome back to for the review of the new ones Suunto Wing, the true-wireless headphones designed for athletes. Practical and ergonomic, these earphones offer a notable sensation of stability and simplicity thanks to their design open-ear and the implementation of quick commands via a convenient multifunction button.

Suunto Wing review: for athletes!

Data sheet

  • Design: open-ear
  • Volume adjustment position: On the earphones
  • Weight: 33g
  • Drums: approximately 10h (30h with base)
  • Charging duration: approximately 1 hour
  • Color: black red
  • Other: IP67 certification

Suunto Wing review: for athletes!

Packaging and build quality | Suunto Wing review

Once the package is opened, what immediately catches the eye is theincredible care laid down in the details, even in the arrangement of the devices themselves. The Suunto Wings present themselves to us in a design open-ear, which favors outdoor use, especially during sporting activities. Wearing them is simple, quick and safe, so you no longer have to worry about ‘fitting’ your headphones in place before a run or ride.

At the same time, the shape of the earphones guaranteesexcellent stability during use (losing them is practically impossible). Finally, the certification against water and dust confirms the construction quality of these earphones IP67which will allow you to use them with complete peace of mind even in case of rain.

Equally good is the charging ‘case’, if we can call it that. The latter presents a triangular shape and allows the accommodation of Suunto Wings in case of low autonomy. Recharging the headphones takes place in about an hour, while recharging the base (via the supplied magnetic cable) takes about an hour and a half.

Audio and features | Suunto Wing review

Now we come to the crucial point, how do they feel? Let’s start by saying that the sound emitted is particularly convincing with standard use (Youtube, Spotify, Amazon Music..), managing to satisfy even the most demanding user during daily use, net of some excessive vibrations at higher volumes. We then put them to the test with audio files of high quality (24 bit/192 khz FLAC), however the output audio was almost unchanged compared to a simple 320 kbps MP3, more than fair considering the type of device. In fact, the design open-ear Bone conduction does not allow the audio capsules to enter the ear directly.

However, everything has a positive outcome in terms of safety (in this regard there are also gods Bright LEDs on the side), as it allows us to always remain alert to the noises around us, thus ‘sacrificing’ audio quality to become a more reliable adventure companion. As regards the quality of the microphonesthe latter will allow sufficiently clean calls, without any kind of hiss or interruptions.

The earphones also feature extra features related to multifunction button present on one of the two speakers: we will be able to answer incoming calls, pause the music being listened to, move on to the next song and turn the LEDs on/off. For the volume instead there are two dedicated buttons. All for a sufficient amount of hours to cover the entire day, in fact thanks to the charging case and earphones the reproduction estimate stands at 30 ore (about 10 for each refill).

Connection to smartphone

Finally, the speed of the Bluetooth connection to the smartphone should not be underestimated, which remains stable and constant for the entire duration of use. The only problem is that we couldn’t connect them with theapp companion Suuntowhich according to the company should extend the functionality of the device and allow for greater customization.

Suunto Wing review: for athletes!

Conclusions and price

To conclude, these Suunto Wings reconfirm the quality which has always distinguished the company’s products, thanks to excellent construction quality, good audio quality and remarkable ergonomics. You can purchase them on the official website at the list price of 199,00€. Before saying goodbye, we invite you to follow the mobile section of for further news and video reviews. See you soon!

Points in favor

  • Construction quality
  • Audio quality
  • Ergonomics
  • Quick commands

Points against

  • A few too many vibrations
  • Price not very competitive
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