Suzuki and SkyDrive allies for the production of flying cars

Suzuki firma un accordo con SkyDrive per la produzione di auto volanti thumbnail

The signing of the agreement arrives between Suzuki con SkyDrive for the production Of flying cars. Launching by spring 2024.

Suzuki signs an agreement with SkyDrive for the production of flying cars, source Suzuki press office

Establishments and a strong partnership

The factory will be used Suzuki Of Shizuoka. While SkyDrive will set up a subsidiary al 100% for the production of flying cars.

Il President di Suzuki Motor Corporation, Toshihiro Suzuki said: “I am thrilled to partner with SkyDrive. We will take ambitious steps towards developing products of higher value, so that we can contribute to the realization of air mobility, for everyday transport”.

The flying car will look like a large drone

It won’t be as compact as aautoits length will exceed and 13 meters with a’height which is equivalent to twice that of a normal car, about 3 meters, theflying car signed Suzuki will be completely in aluminum e materials composites and will reach a maximum speed of about 100 km.

Although production will start from 2024, to see these flying cars fly through our skies, it will be necessary to wait further because, as per practice for each aircraft, it will be necessary to obtain authorization and pass all the required checks and crash tests.

And aircraft which despite its reduced autonomy, will allow managers to use it to move quickly around the city, exactly like a helicopter, with the advantage of being easier to control and handle.

Suzuki and SkyDrive will produce a flying car with a range of about 15/20 km.

To see it take off in America, it will also need the approval of the FAA (acronym of Federal Aviation Administration), the flying car will have electric motors and its debut in Europe is expected no earlier than 2030.

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