Suzuki GSX-S950: annunciato il prezzo e aperte ufficialmente le prenotazioni thumbnail

Suzuki GSX-S950: the brand officially announces the price of the bike

Suzuki GSX-S950: price announced and officially open thumbnail reservations

The Suzuki GSX-S950 finally has a price. Street fighter models are available in two colors: blue and black. A 35 kW version with reduced power is also available for A2 license holders.

Suzuki GSX-S950: the launch offer is underway

Much has been said about the new one Suzuki GSX-S950, and we too had dedicated an in-depth article. The bike is now finally available for pre-order, with an exclusive launch offer. The street-fighter, from the price list, costs 10.390 Euro, ma only for this first launch period it is available at a price of 9,390 euros.

In addition to 70 kW full power version, is also available 35 kW weakened version, at the same list price. The latter model is designed to be driven by customers holding an A2 license. Both configurations are Euro 5 homologated and boast generous low-end torque and linear mid-range progression. All this translates into exhilarating performance, usable by all motorcyclists. All models are available in two colors: blue and black, both capable of enhancing their shapes and strong personality.

Possible to purchase with different formulas

For the purchase of the GSX-S950, Suzuki offers various financial formulas studied in collaboration with Findomestic. For example, it will be possible to purchase the Hamamatsu street-fighter with zero advance financing the entire amount up to 72 months with the first installment of 3 months.

The first deliveries are scheduled for September.

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