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Suzuki joined the “M’illumino di Meno” campaign

Suzuki participated, Friday 11 Marchto the countryside “I light up less” 2022the initiative for the environment that took place as part of the 18th day of energy saving and sustainable lifestyles. To give a concrete signal of its attention to these issues, the Italian office turned off the lights of the sign and those of the offices in the last two hours of working hours and the practice was repeated, simultaneously, for at least an hour. , also from all the official dealers of the Auto, Motorcycle and Marine divisions.

To convey this message to the public, Suzuki and the dealers have given visibility to their commitment on social networks, using hashtags #milluminodimeno e #milluminodimenoconsuzuki.

“Some small attentions reach ambitious goals if repeated by each of us, every day. It is not difficult to make respect for the nature that surrounds us a lifestyle shared by companies and by all of us “. said Massimo Nalli, President of Suzuki Italy, then adding: “Suzuki does all it can to deliver a healthy planet and a prosperous society to the next generations. With this objective, our company develops products and technologies that aim at an optimal exploitation of resources and supports numerous projects in favor of the environment, even on an international scale “.

A very complex commitment

As part of its awareness program towards a cleaner and healthier world, since 2010 Suzuki Italia has given life to the “Suzuki Save the Green” project and invites its employees and family members to reclaim green areas and the course of courses. water as volunteers close to the annual World Earth Day. The dealers have joined the initiative locally and, armed with gloves, telescopic pliers and bags, clean up a portion of the territory close to their respective offices in the same weekend.

Since 2011, Suzuki Motor Corporation has been operating as part of the Clean-up the World initiative. This campaign has involved several thousand people to date, committed to helping to improve the health of the seas. The project has for some time been an integral part of the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project campaign, intended to raise public awareness of the importance of respect for the environment, and was also recognized by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment in the context of the “Plastic Smart Campaign “.

In search of new solutions to safeguard the marine ecosystem, Suzuki presented the innovative #lavalacqua “Micro-Plastic Collector” system. This exclusive technology allows the collection of the micro plastics present in dispersion in the water through the filtering of the cooling water of the outboards. The Suzuki outboard range stands out for its cutting-edge technology, characterized by low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. Suzuki outboards are also recognized as the quietest on the market, thanks to resonance chambers and sound-absorbing material inside the grille, which significantly cut noise.

In the automotive sector, attention to the environment takes the form of a 100% hybrid range, which has allowed Suzuki to become the third manufacturer for sales of electrified cars in Italy in 2021. Finally, the two-wheeler range follows the same philosophy of reducing emissions, offering exciting and pleasant models to use, but always characterized by high efficiency in relation to the extraordinary performance provided.

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