Swappie Andrea Bauce: the project to restart Italy

Swappie accompanies Andrea Bauce in a project created to enhance the Italian territory and spread a positive message. Let’s see together

Swappie, Finnish e-commerce by refurbished smartphones, a side of Andrea Bauce – young Italian director, winner of MARSAL for the direction and the writing of the spot IWC with Pierfrancesco Favino – in project l’ITALY that RI-PART: a travel along the Italian territory which has like purpose that of to exhibit l’Italia post-covid and his desire to start over a live after the pandemic.

Swappie Andrea Buace: the initiative

In saddle to his bike, with a video camera, Andrea has started his travel from North to South Italy for documentation e meet diverse business realities of Country. The purpose is to to understand e to exhibit like some large e small businesses e local artisans have reacted e dealt with the pandemic, what are theirs future prospects and if they still have faith in our country.

Andrea’s journey shows the urge and it Italian entrepreneurial spirit, always ready to reinvent itself it’s at restart with a something extra. During this adventure, Andrea will be a guest of the different people that he will meet along its path and, between Italian towns and cities, he will tell several stories to show what it has taken out and what it has broughtthe Covid era“.

Thanks to Swappie it’s possible follow the route of Andrea, gives Milano a Palermo, shared daily on the own Instagram channel (@Andrea Bauce).

This cooperation comes from Swappie’s will of to make accessible to all the project of Andrea. And it is precisely the accessibility theme, one of the values of brand which has like main goal that of being able to guarantee everyone the economic purchase e sure of refurbished smartphones, also thanks to partnership with Scalapay: service that allows you to obtain a deferred and interest-free payment. The project aims at to exhibit, from a different perspective, as it is changed Italy with the pandemic just like Swappie, every day, try to to exhibit and of to promote the importance of the circular economy with a view to “new—normal”, where new does not mean better.

“We are thrilled to accompany Andrea on his adventure around Italy. The ITALIA project that RIPARTE promises to be a really interesting documentary on how Covid has changed our reality, which is why we believe it is important for anyone to know the backstage of this journey. Therefore we have provided Andrea with our devices so that, through his Instagram channel, he can document his days and share a preview of this extraordinary journey with followers. The documentary will help spread a positive message, of hope, to start again stronger than before “

– he has declared Elena Garbujo, Marketing Manager Italy.

For those interested, you can follow Andrea at the following link.

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