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SwitchBot Bot: the smart switch that domotizes anything

If you want to home any of your appliances or anything else that works with a switch, you can do it with SwitchBot Bot, a smart switch that can be applied anywhere.

Many modern appliances and systems are equipped with integrated home automation systems and can interface directly with smartphones and voice assistants so that they can control remotely and with a few simple commands. But the majority of systems and appliances are still poorly integrated with home automation applications. This is where it comes into play SwitchBot Bot, a truly versatile smart switch. Let’s get to know him more closely!

SwitchBot Bot: the smart switch that domotizes anything

SwitchBot Bot: the smart switch for home automation

With SwitchBot Bot we can transform any household appliance, even the older ones, can be home automation. In fact, this smart switch can be applied directly to any rocker switch or button, from the lights to the air conditioner.

The installation is very simple: it will be sufficient to fix the product next to the switch to be activated. No special tools are needed, much less the intervention of a technician. Once installed, you will be able to synchronize it with your smartphone through the dedicated app or a smart speaker like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa o Siri Shortcuts and we can control our switches with a few clicks or by voice. Remote control will also be possible with SwitchBot Hub. Obviously it is also possible, through the dedicated app, to set timers to put our devices into operation.

The built-in battery in the SwitchBot Bot and the low-consumption Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology guarantee continuous operation of approximately 600 days. Finally, we can interface with other devices of the SwitchBot ecosystem to create more complex automation schemes or “Scenes”. Let’s see how!

SwitchBot Bot: the smart switch that domotizes anything

Some apps to try

  • Prepare the coffee in the morning: by placing the SwitchBot Bot on the coffee machine and setting it in the SwitchBot app to press the button at 8:00, we can have the coffee ready as soon as we get up! The smart switch will turn on the coffee machine and we will find everything ready! Just remember to put the cup in place.
  • A welcoming home: By placing the SwitchBot Bot on the light switch and connecting the SwitchBot contact sensor to the door, we will be able to create a scene in the SwitchBot app or on the Alexa / Google home page. Now when the door opens and closes again because we are going out, the lights will go out by themselves. Instead when we return they will light up. We can do the same with other appliances such as air conditioning.
  • SwitchBot Bot: the smart switch that domotizes anything

    SwitchBot Bot in promozione al Prime Day

    On the occasion of the Prime Day which will take place on 12 and 13 July 2022, we will be able to buy this interesting smart switch a discounted price of 30%! The offer will be active on the official SwitchBot store or on Amazon. Furthermore, our readers will be entitled to an additional 5% discount by entering the promotional code “35PRIMESB”. To activate the total discount, equal to 35%, just enter Amazon using the box below and enter the promotional code. The discount coupon is valid from 7 July until 13 July and can also be used in the official store.

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