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Take Flight: here is the second official trailer

Let’s discover together the second trailer for Take Flight, the brand new film, soon in cinemas, from the creators of Despicable Me

With the arrival of the cold season, there are many cinematographic proposals for adults and children that will keep you company. One of them is Take the Flight, the brand new animated film that will arrive in theaters in December. The film, by Illuminationwas created by the same creators of other highly successful animated feature films, such as Despicable Me, Minions e Sing. Given these premises, expectations for this new release are very high. Let’s find out something more, also thanks to the new one trailer just published.

Take Flight: here is the second official trailer

Plot and cast | Take Flight: here is the second official trailer

Take the Flight tells the story of the Mallard familya friendly group of ducks who live peacefully in their pond, to the joy and tranquility of their father Mack. Trapped in this safe but boring routine, Mom Pam she is determined to show her children Dax e Gwen that there is a whole world outside their borders. The arrival at the pond of a group of migratory ducks and their incredible stories will be the right shock to convince Mack to embark on a family journey, which will take them to tropical Jamaica, passing through New York City.

The cast of the film is made up of a series of prominent figures in the comedy scene, starting with Kumail Nanjiani, who, in the original version, will lend his voice to dad Mallard Mack; at his side Elizabeth Banks as mother Pam. Among the voice actors, the name of also appears Danny DeVito as the grumpy Uncle Dan. Take Flight is directed by Benjamin Rennerdirector already nominated for an Oscar for the film Ernest and Celestine.

Trailer and release date

In addition to the plot, we can understand something more about the film by enjoying it second trailer, just released. In fact, we will be able to get to know the Mallard family better and have a taste of their intrepid journey, from the lake dear to them, to the countryside, until they arrive in the city, facing many obstacles in the company of other nice characters, who they will meet along their journey. We remember that Take the Flight will be released in theaters on December 7, 2023; it will be an excellent opportunity to spend time together with your whole family. Remember to follow to stay up to date on new releases at the cinema!

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