PlayStation Now: September 2021 games revealed

Sony has officially unveiled the games that will enrich the PlayStation Now catalog during the month of September

Time always passes quickly when we have fun, and since holidays are now (alas!) A memory for most of you, we just have to prepare ourselves to welcome autumn with open arms. And Sony, aware of the sadness that comes with leaving behind the well-deserved rest, will try to soothe the discomfort thanks to new titles headed to PlayStation Now. September, in fact, is preparing to introduce a whole series of games that, we are sure, can only delight the subscribers to the streaming service of the Japanese giant, and which follow the announcements of last month.

PlayStation Now: September games announced

Scrolling through the list of new entries of the month, it seems that everything is atsign of number 7, given the introduction of the seventh chapters of a beloved pair of Japanese brands, although very distant from each other as a genre of belonging. As we had already announced a few days ago, in fact, we will find ourselves welcoming Final Fantasy 7, which will act as a trailblazer for the other classic chapters of the popular JRPG series. To accompany him in this numerical binomial we will also find Tekken 7, the latest incarnation of the Bandai Namco home fighting game, which will be available within the service until next February 28th. To close the group we find the shooter Killing Floor 2, the indie adventure Windbound, along with two other very different RPGs, Pathfinder: Kingmaker e Moonlighter.

The titles in question will be available on PlayStation Now, on PC, PS4 and PS5, starting next September 7th. It is a certainly heterogeneous group of new entrants, as well as characterized by a high general quality of the proposal, therefore we can only congratulate Sony for the choices made in this first autumn month.

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