Tales of Arise: shown the opening in the anime style of the game

Bandai Namco showed the opening made in anime style of Tales of Arise

After announcing it on its social channels, Bandai Namco has finally released the anime-style opening of Tales of Arise, new chapter of the famous JRPG saga born in the 90s. The Tales of saga has always been characterized by a style that is very reminiscent of Japanese anime, often in fact some of the most famous series have been transformed into real animated series. Thus, as per tradition, even the last chapter of the saga will have its opening made in anime style.

Tales of Arise comes with an anime-style opening

The video shown by Tales of Arise is made as if it were a classic opening of an anime, with the images that present the various characters of the game accompanied by the notes of the song Hibana made by the Japanese group Kankaku Piero. The animations are made by the famous studio Ufotable, well known all over the world for having made some successful animated series, including the phenomenon of recent years Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba, of which they have curated the first season of the anime and the movies, and also the animated series dedicated to Fate / Stay Night.

For years the Ufotable studio has been collaborating with Bandai Namco having made some openings and intermission videos for several of their games, including, in addition to other titles in the Tales of series, also God Eater and Code Vein. Tales of Arise is the new chapter in the saga, which will follow the story of Alphen and Shionne on their mission to free the planet Dahna from the tyranny of the planet Rena, which has been in control of it for 300 years. They will also join in the fight Rinwell, Law, Kisara and Dohalim, each with their own personal story and unique motivations to make this journey. The title will come out on September 10 su PS4 e PS5, Xbox One e Series S/X e PC.

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