Xbox Showcase: PAYDAY 3 release date announced

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After rumors of postponements and delays, PAYDAY 3 finally showed itself at the last Xbox Showcase and its release date has been announced

On the occasion of the last Xbox ShowcaseDeep Silver and Starbreeze have opened their secret archive and revealed the first look at the gameplay of the new action, PAYDAY 3 (talked about for some time) also revealing the release date of the same. The four legendary criminals in clown masks, protagonists of the most daring heists in video game history, prepare to make their epic return on 21 September with the title in question which will be available on PC via PC Game Pass, Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Series S|X Game Pass and PlayStation 5. Let’s see all the details in this regard in the next few lines of this article.

Xbox Showcase: PAYDAY 3 shows itself with a new trailer and the release date of the game in question has also been made

PAYDAY 3of which the release date in the final hours, it will take players to the metropolis of endless opportunities: New York City. The infamous gang of robbers, made up of iconic characters such as Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf e Chains, will return to action after a period of inactivity, driven by a mysterious threat that threatens to seriously endanger the peaceful life within the law. As they say, “The wolf loses its fur but not its vice”, and thanks to their experience and the help of an enigmatic new ally from the underworld, the gang will immediately launch their first lucrative heists, throwing a glove of explosive challenge to the city’s law enforcement.

Players will have the opportunity to discover new strategies for accomplishing perfect heists thanks to skill, all-new gadgets and weapons. Over time, the story of PAYDAY 3 will constantly develop with the addition of exciting content and challenges.

  • The Legendary Band – The notorious gang from PAYDAY 3, respected and feared by the authorities and the underworld, is back. New York offers a huge variety of heist opportunities, but the choice of victims is up to the players.
  • Satisfy your lust for wealth – Let your lust for riches run wild in PAYDAY 3. Collect all the valuables you encounter along the way to build a collection of customized weapons, cosmetics and rewards.
  • The art of theft – In PAYDAY 3, the decision is in the hands of the players. Choose your equipment, your skills and your approach to each heist. Each shot will develop in a unique way based on the choices players make.
  • Maximize cooperation – Experience epic heists like “Ocean’s Eleven” or face massive security systems like in “Heat”. Each match will be unique, full of action and full of tension!

PAYDAY 3 was announced as a world premiere during the Xbox Showcase event with a game trailer and will have the release date on 21 September.

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