Two-Point Campus: a Microsoft leak reveals the sequel

From hospital to university: the creators of Two-Point Hospital return to the charge with Campus in an unexpected Microsoft Store leak

The excitement that precedes E3 strikes again: following a leak of Microsoft Store, we now know that SEGA will follow up on Two-Point Hospital, named for the occasion Two-Point Campus. The timing suggests that this is a reserved announcement for the Los Angeles fair, after a year of forced break. The store included a full-bodied synopsis, which invites us to build “the university of our dreams” in the sequel to the original management title. In this game we will learn to “get to know the students”, exploring their personalities and meeting their needs.

The Microsoft Store leak: here is Two-point Campus

According to the Microsoft Store leak, the Two-Point Campus “capable of standing the test of time” academy will invite us to hire teachers of all kinds, with the many tools at our disposal. We will be able to manage both the interiors and the exteriors, placing floors, hedges, fences and fountains. However, it is certainly not just the management: in fact, we can also get in touch with our own students, trying to understand what they need, also giving them extracurricular activities as a themed club for a school “that you certainly don’t see all days “.

Two-Point Campus: a Microsoft leak reveals the sequel

Also courses they will be diversified: in addition to the traditional lessons, in fact, there will also be courses such as that for knights (including rides) and that of gastronomy. To emphasize the extravagance of the whole, the game also features multiple types of professors, with the most disparate personalities. Balancing funds, staff, facilities and student approval will lead to graduation days that the campus in question can “be proud of”. We currently have no confirmed release dates or platforms, but at this point we strongly doubt that we will have to wait long. E3, on the other hand, is around the corner.

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