Tech Christmas gifts: last minute offers!

Still undecided about the Christmas present to take? You are in the right place! Here are many proposals for last minute tech Christmas gifts for those who have yet to finish their purchases!

Are you panicked because you still haven’t finished your purchases for Christmas gifts? Here are some tips for useful and fun last minute gifts, obviously all high-tech!

Christmas is the perfect time to spend at home with loved ones and to carve out moments of well-deserved relaxation with the family. This year, in particular, we rediscover the warmth of the home atmosphere and the most beautiful activities for the season, such as listen to music together, play video games or indulge in those hobbies that make us all happier. So let’s see our suggestions!

Tech Christmas gifts: last minute offers!


DEVOLO MAGIC 1 WIFI MINI: a small and elegant adapter for a powerful and high-performance wi-fi at home

This year more than others, the most popular gifts will be the most useful ones – and maybe even those that can be purchased online! In a historical moment in which smartworking, home schooling but also moments of leisure with videogames and streaming TV series are a custom, the home internet connection has taken on an increasingly important role. Suffice it to say that if in 1992 the consumption was 100 Gbit per day, in 2022 the traffic will be as much as 150 Gbit per second. For stable and powerful connections It is now essential to have devolo 1 WiFi mini in your home, the smallest and most compact adapter of the devolo family that ensures maximum network performance thanks to a stable and powerful connection.

Perfect for the office and home school, the new Powerline adapter features a compact and handy design that turns any power outlet into a super-performing WiFi hotspot. The great advantage of this adapter is evident from the first moment it is installed in Plug & Play mode: it is sufficient to connect the Magic adapter to the home router and insert a second adapter into any socket within the same electrical circuit. and, thanks to automatic pairing, Magic adapters communicate automatically by establishing an encrypted connection. There proven technology offers a significant performance improvement and allows you to achieve connection and data transmission speeds fino a 1200 Mbps on the electrical wiring.

Devolo 1 WiFi mini starter kit can be purchased online and from authorized dealers at the recommended price of 109 euro.



With adjustable height, soft padding and comfortable armrests, the PCCH-310 gaming chair from NACON it is specifically designed for long gaming sessions. The 5 rigid wheels make moving easier. The ideal accessory for gamers looking for comfort and resistance. It is also available in turquoise, black, red and blue. Here are the Main characteristics:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Height adjustable
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Maximum weight supported: 110 kg
  • 5 wheels
  • Starting price: € 129.99
  • Christmas Promo Price: € 99.99

Controller GC-100

The NACON GC-100XF Wired Controller is an essential accessory for PC gaming. Her asymmetrical analog sticks they are ideal for both first and third person shooters. It provides the optimal grip for PC gaming. The GC-100XF is a PC controller (XInput and DirectInput8) perfect for hands of any size. Its rubberized surface ensures a comfortable grip even after long gaming sessions. It has 6 action buttons, 2 triggers, 2 shoulder buttons and an 8-way directional pad. Equipped with integrated vibration motors, with the long 1.8 meter cable, is the ideal product for PC gaming with controllers and guarantees a console experience. This controller is Plug and Play, so no software is required. Also available in black, red, gray and blue.

  • Recommended price: 24.99 €
  • Christmas Promo Price: € 19.99

Microsoft Official Pro Compact Controller

A versatile wired Xbox controller, with great ergonomics for any type of gamer and one complete set of settings typical of professional peripherals. The Pro Compact controller boasts a whole host of customizable features such as button mapping and the ability to adjust toggles, trigger sensitivity and vibration motors. Compact size, ergonomic shape and textured back surface for superior comfort and optimal grip for any type of game, even in the longest sessions. This is an official Microsoft product, also available in black.

  • Starting price: € 49.99
  • Christmas Promo Price: € 39.99

RIG 400HS Ufficiale Playstation

High performance audio, microscopic noise-canceling microphone, acoustic isolation and padded structure for playing on PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5. The RIG 400HS headset allows you to achieve high performance and to control the volume with in-line commands without the need to use the on-screen menus. The headband and earpads are designed for gamers and to ensure comfort even for long gaming sessions. Also available in black and camouflage. Here are the Main characteristics:

  • High-sensitivity 40mm driver for explosive gaming audio that will catapult you into the center of the action.
  • Memory foam pavilions with acoustic insulation to block external noise and guarantee maximum concentration.
  • Microphone volume and mute can be adjusted directly from the on-line controls
  • Padded headband to reduce pressure: you can play for hours.
  • Recommended price: 49.99 €
  • Christmas Promo Price: € 39.99



The brand’s most popular and iconic Bluetooth DAB + / FM stereo audio system, now in its third generation this fall. BOOMSTER is the most versatile product: speaker, radio and powebank together. An imposing subwoofer, positioned frontally for the first time, is the true architect of its powerful, precise and high fidelity sound, which receives further amplification thanks to two passive bass membranes. The new BOOMSTER sounds even better thanks to the new tecnologia Dynamore by Teufel, for an even wider sound stage. The features are completed by the high-capacity lithium-ion battery, for one playback up to 18 hours, the analogue and digital radio and the Bluetooth Multipoint function to pair multiple devices at the same time and give the perfect sound to the party.


The compact and powerful smart radio that combines cutting-edge technology with a vintage and essential design. The connections are practically infinite: access to more than 1000 radio stations with DAB +, Internet Radio and FM, Bluetooth, AUX analog stereo input and USB-playback (also with recharge function), for an ability to play music from virtually any source and the ability to store up to 60 favorite streaming channels. This small radio speaker also offers impressive audio quality thanks to the sub-woofer down-fire da 90m and to tecnologia Teufel Dynamore, which guarantees a very wide sound space.


The new true wireless earphones for sportsmen, who they also resist rain and sweat to give an energy boost even to the most intense workouts. HD linear driver for an always detailed and precise sound, Qualcomm CVC microphone technology for quality phone calls, over 7 hours of continuous playback with a single charge they make it the favorite in-ear for runners. The silicone hooks and the touch sensors behind the logo ensure maximum control and perfect adherence to the pavilion.

  • Price: € 149.99

That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us for many other news and Happy Holidays!

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