Rosemary doesn’t understand winter by Matteo Bussola wins I love this book 2022

Il rosmarino non capisce l'inverno di Matteo Bussola vince Amo questo Libro 2022

Rosemary doesn’t understand winter, book by the author Matteo Bussola, wins the fifth edition of the I love this book award. The winner was decreed by the booksellers of the Giunti al Punto chain

Rosemary doesn’t understand winter by Matteo Bussola is the award-winning book I love this book 2022fifth edition of the literary contest of Get to the Point, a chain present throughout Italy with more than 200 stores. All the titles released in Italy from 1 October 2021 to 30 September 2022 competed in the competition, but despite the great competition, the booksellers of the chain decided to give the victory to Bussola’s work; the book will then be placed in the windows of all Giunti al Punto sales points in Italy and will be recommended in the lists of the best titles to give at Christmas. The author commented on the victory as follows:

I am particularly happy with this award, because it is an acknowledgment that comes from those who not only love books, but also spread and recommend them every day. I have often said that without the booksellers who deal with love and competence in getting our words to readers, we authors would be nothing, for this reason I consider myself perpetually indebted to them. From today, I will be even more so.

The plot of Rosemary does not understand winter

Edited Einaudi, the book tells the stories of many women: a single woman who falls in love at an early age, a daughter who struggles to be able to forgive her mother; a young woman who doesn’t want children, because she couldn’t bear to see them suffer. A widow who writes to her husband, a sixteen year old girl who falls in love with her best friend, and finally an old woman who confides a terrible secret to her carer. The heroines of this book are terribly ordinary, they could be people we meet on a daily basis; but they are all united by being fragile and strong, docile and cruel, restless and happypeople who love and hate almost always with all of themselves, because they consider love as the decisive occasion. They fall e they resist, just like rosemary that defies the cold of winter and is reborn in spring. In Rosemary does not understand winter, ordinary and exceptional stories intertwine, which touch us, question us, they move.

However, I love this book is not the only recent contest; in fact, there was recently the Amazon Storyteller 2022 award ceremony.