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Tekken 8: revealed the trailer of King

The Tekken 8 roster is richer than ever and it has been revealed that King will also be present with a fantastic trailer to be discovered

Continuing with great fanfare the reveal of the launch roster of Tekken 8Bandai Namco released a new trailer showing King, the next character featured in the game. The luchador is back and stronger than ever, executing high impact moves and offenses without repudiation like the best wrestlers. This character is very loved by the players and seeing him return in the new chapter of the saga will surely make all the fans happy.

King in all his glory in the trailer for Tekken 8

In the new trailer of Tekken 8 on King we can admire it in all its glory. King is a wrestler, which means many of his moves are based on the grip of the opponent. He can perform clotheslines, double under-hook pancake piledrivers, powerbombs and more. Many of his moves also provide super armor to repel weak attacks and take advantage of openings. Perhaps the best part of the trailer is its promo, which is made up entirely of jaguar roars. Enjoy the gameplay trailer below.

Recall that Tekken 8 will arrive on Xbox Series X / S, PS5 and PC. The game has no release datebut Bandai Namco is trying to bring forward the release for April 2024. What will be the next characters that will be part of the Tekken 8 roster? Surely more will be revealed before the game comes out but currently nothing is known yet on who they might be. We just have to wait for more information from Bandai Namco to find out more.

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