Ubisoft: closes the Italian commercial division

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Ubisoft is currently hit by a major crisis and is forced to definitively close the Italian commercial division

Previously it was said that Ubisoft would have reorganized some of its European offices given the recent crisis due to the low sales of its latest IPs and in this case the Italian commercial division. Reluctantly currently Ubisoft Benelux and the Ubisoft Italy headquarters have already been officially liquidated. This news is a blow to the gaming world, since lately Ubisoft is not doing well and continues to have losses of all kinds. This is one of her first cuts but she could continue in the future with more and more drastic ones if things don’t settle down.

The Italian commercial division of Ubisoft closes its doors

The Italian commercial division of Ubisoft handled the distribution of editorial products and public relations in Italy. The commercial register confirms that the office has been closed since 1 March. According to one of the registers, its turnover is decreased by 19%, and the losses amount to 61 thousand euros. This could be influenced by the decline in sales of physical copies of the latest games released by Ubisoft, the transition to shareware games and more.

Ubisoft: closes the Italian commercial division

One of the local newspapers contacted Ubisoft to clarify the situation. The publisher said he is working on a reorganization of his European branches. This is an ongoing process and further details are not available at this time. They also asked to pay attention to the fact that the Italian development studio Ubisoft Milan is not included in the restructuring process. As for the company’s games in development right now, new content is brewing for Far Cry and new information on Assassin’s Creed Red, including the first details on the game’s protagonists and much more.

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